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JRE MMA Show 123 - BJ Penn (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - MMA Show 123

BJ Penn is the former UFC Welterweight & Lightweight Champion and current Republican candidate for Governor of Hawaii.

Rogan promised he wasn't going to have political candidates on his show, but what are you going to do? You have one of the biggest and best MMA fighters of all time running for governor. Not going to talk to him? Yeah right!

But - to be fair - this episode is mostly free of politics. BJ outlines why he's running for office but that's about as far as it goes.

By the way - the Hawaiians have it pretty unfair. They can't import anything without it going to California first. What is this nonsense?

But most of the episode is talking shop about fighting.


5:00 The government stopped BJ Penn's promotion from giving water to amateur fighters?!

8:00 BJ was one of the baddest on Earth.

15:30 The MMA weight cutting scientists.

38:00 Phony confidence is deadly in martial arts.

44:00 Working the body heals the mind.

48:30 The greatest spinning elbow of all time.

50:00 The reason more weight classes are needed in MMA.

59:00 Juicing.

1:07:00 BJ Penn's platform for running for governor.

1:22:10 BJ Penn needs your help to fix Hawaii, Elon Musk! Will you do it?

1:24:30 What would need to be done to make Hawaii self-sustainable.

1:29:50 Mike Tyson was the baddest of all time when he was on top. Judging fighters at their prime.

1:33:00 How BJ got his black belt in jiu-jitsu in only 3 years.

1:46:00 Diets and the Earth. Plastics in the bloodstream shrink our testicles.

1:57:50 Time machine?

2:12:00 When someone totally dominates a division in MMA.

2:22:00 Diaz brothers doing crazy stuff - like swimming to the shore from Alcatraz.

2:28:00 Fighting natural versus juiced.

2:43:00 Predators fight back when they're being eaten.

2:50:00 Problems with boxing and money versus UFC.

2:53:30 The lion world is ruthless.

3:00:00 Hawaii.

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