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JRE MMA Show 121 - Bobby Green (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - MMA Show 121

Bobby Green is a mixed martial artist currently competing in the Lightweight division for the UFC.

A pretty humble intro blurb for Bobby on the official podcast description. Make no mistake, this guy is a real one with 45 professional fights under his belt since 2008. He's already at two fights this year. He won a fight on February 12 and then turned around and headlined a UFC Fight Night just two weeks later. Crazy!

Bobby's dad joins the show after the first hour and tells a crazy story about going to prison. They need to sell this script to Netflix or something - it's completely wild!

This episode approaches the 4-hour mark but it's a quick listen because it's a really good time.


6:00 Strikeforce in the Nick Diaz era. How Bobby got started in professional fighting.

19:00 Why fighters get fat after they retire.

23:00 Weight cuts ruining the sport?

28:00 Bobby's beef with boxing.

35:00 Bobby's beef with Cowboy. He needs his revenge!

38:00 Early career in Mexico. (Bobby's crazy!)

50:00 Bobby's podcast idea: mediating UFC beefs.

53:00 Defining Bobby's fighting style.

58:00 Just an absolutely crazy story. Someone needs to make a movie out of this.

1:10:00 Bobby Green's dad drops in on the podcast.

1:30:00 Why fighters are some of the nicest guys.

1:34:00 Bobby Green moving like Candyman lol

1:36:00 The crazy story of dad's arrest and time in prison. The unwritten rules of prison politics.

2:05:00 No seriously - the story is CRAZY.

2:14:00 Back to MMA fighting styles and Green's uniqueness.

2:35:00 Fighters using steroids - but no names! No one's snitching… Green's pops has some tea though...

2:54:00 UFC paying out Bitcoin as a bonus to fan-selected fighters.

3:01:00 What happens when you get booked to headline a UFC event.

3:43:50 We are witnessing the greatest time for martial arts.

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