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5 Ways Linux is Better Than Mac and Windows

Besides being free and open source, Linux OS has features the other Big Two OS doesn't have. Let's look at some key reasons why Linux is better than Mac or Windows.


With a new Windows or Mac machine, you'll probably have to go straight to settings and check for updates.

A big reason why Linux is better than macOS or Windows is its portability.

You can grab your hard drive or SSD, plug it into a completely different computer, and be good to go. You'll keep your files, apps, and configurations.

The drivers for all the hardware Linux supports are in the kernel, so you don't have to worry about installing a bunch of drivers.


Windows and macOS are one size fits all operating systems; they're designed to be a general experience for everyone.

The most you can do to customize them is change them from a light to dark theme, or add an accent color.

And you have to use the built-in tools they give you. On Linux, you can pick a distro that works out of the box, or you can mod it.

Hate the color or style of icons? Change them as you wish; most distros will let you a range of options to choose from.

If you want to use a different file system or window manager, you can download it and it shouldn't cause any problems.

linux customization raspberry pi

Easy to Run

The older your computer gets, the harder it might be to run Windows or macOS.

These operating systems get more and more bloated with each new update, and if new drivers don't exist for your device, it can be trouble.

But with LinuxOS, your old computer won't be a problem. Pick a distro that's light on resources and breathe some life into your machine.

You'll still get the latest patches and apps if you want them but run less risk of your computer breaking down.

easy to run linux

Live Boot

Trying things before you install them is crucial, especially when you're deciding what will run on your PC.

Let's say you were on the fence about using the newest version of Windows or macOS and wanted to try it out.

Unfortunately, there's no live-test version for either. When you install it it, you have to use it.

Not with Linux. It's the only operating system that can run from a USB or CD, basic apps included.

Also, let's say you prefer to have a portable OS. Tails is a privacy based operating system that can runs off a USB. So as soon as you unplug it, your history is gone.

tails os live usb

No Vendor Lock-in

There's no Windows Lite or Windows+. There's no macOS 2.0. You only get one, with some updates here and there.

On Linux, there are hundreds of options to choose from. If you don't like one, you're free to move to anything else.

There's gaming, design, business-based distros, and more. And nearly all of them are free and open-source.

If your distro is at the end of life stage, you can upgrade it. You could even pay the devs for extended support if you wanted to keep a dead distro alive.

Linux no vendor lock in FREE

Wrapping Up

Linux allows you to plug and play better than the Big Two. You can fully customize what apps you need, as well as themes and colors.

Breathe some life into an old computer by putting Linux on it.

Not sure what OS you like? Try it risk-free by booting into a USB or CD.

And you don't need to worry about vendor lock-in. Pick whatever distro you like at no cost to you.

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