Loved vs Beloved

Loved vs Beloved

I am beloved because I take risks, make decisions, and accomplishing goals.

I am loved because when I was told what to be, I instead defined what I wanted to be.

One operates from a method of external validation. The other, driven from internal validation and still produces external validation.

Being loved requires you to follow the leader as external world defines your value. You will have to contort to the ever changing degenerate social climate and the values they deem appropriate.

Becoming beloved requires you become. Then the external world can funnel people to you who value what you provide.

Risk taking

Not all storytellers are charismatic, inspiring leaders. But all all charismatic and inspiring leaders are storytellers.

Stories create anxiety and relief. You cannot have anxiety without struggle. You have to get out in the world, take some risks, and live to tell the tale to become interesting.

Bravery Makes You Beloved

People admire people that can do what they can’t do. But they follow people who remind them of themselves. People that convert impossible beliefs into the possible.

Courageous individuals have the opportunity to present a story of overcoming adversity to the world for judgement. This takes us to our next point…

Alpha vs. Beta

The alpha vs. beta talk has become extremely bastardized, and that is probably an intentional psyop. None the less: Alpha vs. beta is about if you defer to others or not as a man.

The alpha makes decisions, acts, and lives with the consequences.

The beta defers, and lets others take the risks, and the honor and glory.

Ghengis Khan has a Statue, Beloved

This is arguably why sports are so important. In a meritocracy, you are forced to acknowledge that you have a spot on the caste system and if you like it or not. Participation trophies keep men comfortable, and void of the discomfort of realizing they don't like their place in the caste.

When your feelings are hurt, you can no longer ostrich, you have to acknowledge that you don’t like whats happening to you, and you are forced to make a decision of action or inaction.

For men, this is very important as our testosterone drives us towards conflict, conquest, and eventually victory.

Alphas are beloved because they inspire and show other men that they can survive risks as well.


Making decisions instead of deferring, and taking risks, places you I situations to become a winner.

As you fail, learn, and accomplish bigger and better things, you will inevitably grow as a person. Accomplishing bigger things requires you to strive for goals that the current you is not equipped to accomplish--being outside of your comfort zone.

The growth to become a person of accomplishment requires you to exercise your bravery.

The controversy and adversity will force you to become a problem solver. And with those failures, solutions, and victories will come the stories of how you took down Goliath.

Maximus Decimus Maridius, beloved

The accomplished man is beloved because they can confidently articulate, and guide others towards success. And have experiences make them more competent to handle future battles.


Risk taking, being alpha, and accomplishing milestones puts you in a position for the people of society to discover and value you.

But the true hack is to understand that everyone will either want to be you and/or respect you.

The other high caliber men will recognize you as one of them. Those beneath you will manifest their envy of you by either aspiring to be you, or hate they can't be you.

Leonidas, Beloved

You will emerge victorious.

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