Mandate SZN Part 2

Mandate SZN Part 2

The mandates continue to run wild further exposing the inner character of humans. Part one discussed more the observational side of the mandates. This part we will look at the psychology driving people to green light being dickheads to each other.

But in the end, we have hope. It's unfortunate that a lot of people will glady accept losing. And volunteer themselves for it. But there must always be losers for there to be winners.

Nazi Germany was Easy

If people were wondering about how they would have reacted during the establishment of Nazi Germany, now they know. It has been made supremely clear how easy it was to convince society to wish death on an entire group of people.

All they had to do was make them uncomfortable.

King of the Mandates

Now talking trash is minor in comparison to mass genocide. But we are not far off. People are now pro-merger of the government and businesses "for safety reasons". They are fine with classifying groups of people as undeserving of medical attention. People are at the early stages of advocating for eugenics, "ethnic" cleansing, and facism.

The most shocking thing is that people are volunteering to have the government conditionalize their freedom. A pay to play scheme. A lot of the vaccinated community will soon no longer be deemed “fully vaxinated” as their status apparently has a half-life attached to it.

People are about to have to buy their rights.

And the craziness of it all is that this was pulled off with an illness that 99.8% of people recover from. It makes you wonder what would have happened if it was an actual mass wave of death, complete with people dying on the street.

Benevolence vs malevolence

When the powerless get power they tend to abuse it.

Think about the most physically imposing people you know. They are usually the nicest people. When you dive into the psychological side it makes perfect sense – they have nothing to prove. They are internally validated with the fact that they are capable of great physical violence. So they have no need to act tough. So when we encounter someone virtue signaling their “superior” status, understand that you are witnessing a eunic.

Varys the Eunic - Game of Thrones

Key word is “psychologically”. Like I said above about physically imposing people, it about their internal validation. The outward expressions of hostility and malevolence are a reflection of their internal cuckoldry. Like the epidemic of female teachers abusing children, what we are witnessing is people overcorrecting their insecurities by taking it out on others.

People who have never had power, lash out in fear of not ever having it again.

Critical Thinking & Self Relection


Both of these require a level of:

“If I was wrong what evidence would prove me wrong.”

When you talk to someone who has really thought things through, they can articulate why they have made a decision, even if it is unfavorable. There is thought behind why it is the decision for them. Right now, if you ask most people why they did get the vax, you will hear a talking point. A great test that I have started using, is to ask someone if the CDC came out yesterday and said:

“'Hey we fucked up, don’t take the vax' Would you regret taking the vax?"

What you will see is A) some version of “that will never happen,” or B) smoke coming out of their ears. Reason being the key word “CDC.” People are treating people of authority as infallible leaders even when they mess up. This has been very weird to say the least. I am more of the mindset that anyone can be credible, given a chance to provide proof. And the person that is consistently right will grow their credibility.

By saying CDC, you frame their new God as the decider of their truth. When you take that, and pit it against them, what follows is the elimination of their talking point. Most can only articulate the actual CDC guidance. Someone who has put some critical thought behind their decision to take the vax, or follow mandates, will be able to articulate the logic of why they follow CDC guidance.

Bright Future

The good news is that there is tremendous hope and opportunity in the world that created these mandates.

People are literally showing their vulnerability.

They don’t want to compete and they are being incentivized not to. They are fine taking a seat, and giving others free reign to roam on an empty track. Guaranteeing victory for those who show up. The mandates will make it difficult to progress simply because of the increased barriers to entry. But progress will still be possible.

Women will continue to wait at the finish line and fuck the winners.

Darwinism is undefeated.

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