The Manosphere: The Toxic Three Rs

The Manosphere: The Toxic Three Rs

It wasn’t always the toxic male space it currently projects itself as. As young men discovered the morals and ethics of their adolescence were lies, the manosphere was once a magnificent guide towards understanding women, and achieving positive self-fulfillment.

If you have ever wondered what this "manosphere, red pill, alpha-beta, high-value man, blah-blah" stuff is, over the coming weeks I will be discussing what it is, and how the manosphere got to the toxic place it is today.

**The commentary and accompanying images in these posts will provide you with the land mark details on the Manosphere/Red Pill.**

The true purpose of the manosphere at its core is a righteous one:

  1. Identifying female nature.
  2. Accepting what they cannot and will not be or provide for you as a man.
  3. Learning to play the game to get what you want out of women and life.
  4. Congruence with the best version of themselves: who they are and what they project.

However, today's audience is stuck on commentary over the absurdity of women acknowledged by the Red Pill. The current law of the land:

  1. Identifying female nature.
  2. Highlighting how cannot and will not provide men is self-destructive.
  3. Show them how dumb they look for choosing for their own self-destruction.
  4. Laughing at them for not understanding how their decisions are self-destructive.

Problems without solutions sell.
Even better if you provide treatment.
Shout out to big pharma.

Without providing palpable solutions to the game to the men watching, or the women participating, the manosphere comes across as temper tantrums towards the misunderstandings, and anger towards the scorpion for stinging the frog.

  1. Three Rs of the Manosphere<-You are here
  2. Male Progression in the Manosphere
  3. Red pill rage
  4. Masculine Excellence
  5. Content Creators: Positive Male Archetypes
  6. Building a Super Player

Everything starts with the Three Rs of the manosphere.

Roosh, Roissy, Rollo

Entering the 2010’s, many people had the game figured out, but there were three individuals that permeated to the surface as leaders of the Manosphere-RP (red pill) space.

An important part of why the Manosphere was able to gain traction was that its practitioners were 80s-90s babies. The last generation of critical thinkers and action-takers on solving problems. So as we realized relationship advice from our parents failed us, we were active in hunting for and applying solutions.

And as Roosh, Roissy, and Rollo provided RP-knowledge and answers to the masses, men absorbed their solutions. In return, the three gained a loyal following. Their influence coincided with the boom of Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon. As such, their ideas and actions were able to spread with simultaneous reaffirming of established credibility, as solutions replicated quickly amongst those willing to do the work.

It's also important to note that the rapid results were also possible as social media and dating apps had not created the global sexual marketplace yet. This kept women's egos and marketplace expectations localized. But for men with game, this was the perfect ingredients for the budding player.

Each of the three Rs provided a lens that acted as an effective check and balance on the other, allowing for effective filtering out of one's blue bill upbringing and installation of Red Pill programming:

  • Roosh: Application
  • Rollo: Theory
  • Roissy: In-between

Roosh V

A picture of Roosh V.

While Rollo and Roissy wrote about it, Roosh was out there living the pick-up life.

In the pick up space, people wrote “in-fields” chronicling their actions, techniques, and observations in interacting with women. Then comparing and analyzing their notes with men not only across the US, but around the world.

Roosh took it a step further by writing books:

Roosh wrote detailed books about how to seduce women when visiting that country.

During the 2010’s Roosh was regarded as the leader of the RP space. This was largely accredited to his creation of the major spaces where men could congregate: The Roosh V Forum and The Return of Kings website. Return of Kings is where many Red Pillers who are still active today gained early traction like Donovan Sharpe and Troy Francis.

The Roosh V Forum was perhaps the most important tool for masculinity that existed in the budding Information Era. I am not a man of hyperbole. If you would believe me, I tend to side with reservation as a hedge against being wrong.

So when I say: any solution to a masculine problem, and all its levels—beginner, advanced, expert—could be found here. THAT is my reserved statement.

The forum was a one-stop-shop for all things masculinity-related.

Back then, Roosh was a name synonymous with the Red Pill and the Manosphere.

What Happened To Roosh

Around mid-2019 Roosh decided he had found god. I remember it like it was yesterday:

I signed on one day to find a mass email about how he would be locking the forums that promoted “sin” (game) as he could “no longer encourage men to follow the path he took”. At the same time he pulled all of his pick up books from any supplier. However, he said he would keep the threads. This quickly went to, purging most posts, but keeping some of the elite content, like the “black mens: Game forum” sub thread. And one day I signed on to find the entire game section eradicated. All that knowledge gone over night.

Roosh notifies forum members the forum will be eliminating all sinful content.

Today Roosh is regaured as a virginity-coach-grifter. A large reason why he is now an unknown relick of the past. But despite whatever psychotic mid life crisis he suffered. For those of us who were in the right place at the right time, what a time to be alive.


Chateau Heartiste: Where Pretty Lies Perish

Were pretty lies come to perish

Roissy while not so much a pick-up-centric haven like Roosh, provided commentary and analysis on the practical aspects and tactics of the game. I would place him between the theories provided by Rollo and the application provided by Roosh.

Heartiste was perhaps an intended pun, as the posts were not meant to be heartwarming.

This included analyzing racial hierarchies in the sexual marketplace, letting yourself discover that you were a beta through his “what would you do posts”, and dropping posts analyzing game, shining light on how far removed from being a super player, you really were.

Be a skittles man (minimalmist) who gets laid vs the man who buys monogamy.

While times have changed with the sexual marketplace moving online, you can still find truth in Roissy's analysis of the game and extrapolate it today. For the overt analytical truth on the application of game theory, and why things worked and didn’t work, Heartsie was your go to.

At the center of Chateau Heartiste were his 16 Commandments of poon. Which have withstood the test of time since their inception in 2008.

Heartiste's 16 Commandments of Poon:
1-Never Say

What happened to Roissy

To be honest I don’t know. At the time I was wetting my feet in the game, most of my time was spent on the Roosh V forum. While Rollo provided knowledge, and Roissy provided commentary, most of the actionable information was on the Forum.

But you could find some occasional grade-a Chad and Tyronne revelations about female nature like Skittles man. Things that would only inspire more bold player moves to report test and report to the forum.

From what I gathered at the time, he started outsourcing writers to post under his moniker. Ardent followers commented on this, siting that his posts started to turn from content about game, to race-baiting posts and content about racial hierarchies within the sexual marketplace. Which was very un-Heartiste-like at the time.

Rollo Tomassi

Rollo Tomassi the Godfather of the Manosphere/Red Pill

The Rational Male, the Godfather of the Manosphere.

Author of a series of books largely regarded as the Red Pill Bible(s). While Roosh may have provided practicality, and Heartiste commentary, you would still have the underlying,


“Women are ruled by their feelings”, “women are illogical”, “She doesn’t make sense”

Rollo provides a deep dive into why your blue pill ideology has been a lie. Why the Red Pill analysis is the truth. And how women have about a decade more experience in the dating market than men. Any questions you have about understanding the reasons women make the decisions they do, The Rational Male offers.

He will provide is the first, and last bits of closure you will receive once being Red Pilled. Once you know the truth of hypergamy, you are forced to accept that you can't get mad at fish for swimming.

The male-female SMV curve

What Happened to Rollo

The Godfather of the Manosphere is named as such because he is the only of the Three-Rs still active. From the intitial book dubbed the bibble of the manosphere, he has written books about what to expect from women as they age, advice to give to sons as they age, and role religion plays in the game.

Currently, he is actively pushing back against the feminine primary social order through finances through friendships with Robert Kiyosaki, the author of rich dad poor dad, and interviews with prominent businessmen like Pat Bet David of Valuetainment.

Bonus: LaidNYC

LaidNYC twitter page: I'll love you forever until you turn 30.

The most known unknown.

LaidNYC is a well-known and well-regaurded name to those who have been in the space long enough. One of those characters that is not in the inner or outer circles, but all the higher-ups in both spheres respect him.

He seemed to come across as the most casual of the three, writing in that masculine self-assuredness you’d expect from your uber-confident homie.

Laid NYC imbodied the philosophies of all three Rs. And while the other three’s content was forced to adapt over time. LaidNYC’s perspective, analysis, and application during the early 2010s would compete with the YouTube content of today.

While the three Rs seemed to have interactions with women as the origin point of their philosophies. Laid’s posts had the energy of interacting with women around the center of his masculine fulfillment.

A masculine self-central proactive point of view, rather than the feminine-centric reactive point of view.

Something Rollo has recently dubbed “mental point of origin”.

In retrospect, with posts like 10 laws to finding your mission, LaidNYC’s presentation could be considered an ideal mentality after being Red Pilled that is popular today.

LaidNYC's #4 Law for finding your mission as a man: Failing is Ok

Where is LaidNYC Now?

In my opinion, he was a gem that everyone missed much like a shooting star that shines bright and burns up too fast.

He dropped his gems and he was gone, retiring his blog in 2013 to enjoy reality.


That is what is at the soul of all of this modern presentation of the Manosphere/Red Pill space.

Men realizing everything they had been told (blue pill) wasn’t correct, uniting and conversating over communication methods provided by Roosh, being guided by the Writings of Roissy, and gaining an understanding of the sexual marketplace from Rollo.

Next week we will explore the timeline of how things progressed from pick-up, to male improvement, to this whiney-complaining nonsense.

  1. Three Rs of the Manosphere<-You are here
  2. Male Progression in the Manosphere
  3. Red pill rage
  4. Masculine Excellence
  5. Content Creators: Positive Male Archetypes
  6. Building a Super Player

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