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NBA to Hand Out Participation Trophies

The NBA has been using a draft format to form the All-Star teams for their All-Star game since 2018. The top 2 players in the league are deemed captains and they are the ones who get to draft their teams.

It's a very simple concept.

Anybody who has played pick up basketball knows that somebody has to be the last player picked up.

Apparently, grown men in the NBA can not deal with the hurt & pain of being the last pick in the NBA All-Star draft.

Adam Silver & the NBA recently released this update ahead of NBA All-Star Weekend.

First off, the funniest part about this is that the last reserve pick is OBVIOUSLY the player who would have been the last pick. Reversing the order changes nothing.

Adam Silver & the NBA think everyone is too stupid to figure that out?!

The NFL just spent 10 straight weeks promoting Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy & hyping up his story as the last pick in the NFL's real draft. Brock Purdy didn't complain once.. at least not publicly. Meanwhile, NBA players can't even handle being the last pick in an NBA All-Star draft?!

The NBA is getting soft & this is proof. Are these NBA players’ feelings really hurt because they're the 24th player picked, out of 400+ in the NBA?! How long until the NBA starts handing out participation trophies along with the MVP? Could be in the near future at this rate.

Aaron J. Fentress said it best in this tweet.

This is yet another example of why the World needs Men Of Order. This is a look at the new world of participation trophies and everything offending everybody. The NBA will promote this rule change as a good thing, even though all its doing is showing the younger fans that being weak mentally is okay.

To any young fans reading this — If you don't want to be the last guy picked up at the park, work harder & get better.

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