No Nut November - Lessons Learned

No Nut November - Lessons Learned

No Nut November is over. Thank God! Did you make it? Did you try? Or did you just make fun of anyone talking about it?

Without action, nothing is learned. You can read about things all day, but until you put that knowledge into practice, it will remain pure theory. Pushing yourself, trying new things, learning and growing is the elixir of life. If you aren’t moving forward, then you’re moving backward. There is no staying the same.

Tantra discipline

"Without action, nothing is learned."

Andy Eversole

Masculine Power

After studying, practicing, and teaching Tantra over the past few years, I’ve come to discover that semen retention is one of the most powerful things a man can learn to do. It has incredible benefits for your health, mindset, and sexuality. Male ejaculation is not my favorite topic to discuss. But I feel that it’s so important, I am willing to endure a little discomfort to teach men this incredible discipline.

Since I preach this process, I must practice it. Although I routinely go days and weeks in my practice, I decided to go all in this November. It’s been a really wild month, and I’ve had several breakthroughs and enjoyed incredible benefits. Below are my biggest takeaways from No Nut November.

Sexual Tantra Energy

Tantric Breakthroughs

1. Discipline - Studies have shown that foregoing instant gratification for later, greater, returns may just be the biggest indicator of future success. There may be no greater challenge of discipline for men than semen retention. In the throes of sexual ecstasy, delaying that gratification for the future benefit of both you and your partner is an incredible test of strength. Exercising the discipline muscle can have far reaching benefits all throughout your life.

Sexual Discipline

2. Energy - With semen retention, you are not depleting your vital energy. You are instead growing, enhancing, and strengthening it. This extra energy can be used in a variety of ways. You can apply to strengthening your body by working out and exercising. You can focus that energy into business and creativity, creating better opportunities and ideas for growth. And of course, you can channel that energy into a more vibrant, robust, and pleasurable sex life.

Chakra Tantra Energy

3. Sexuality - This November I’ve had more sex than probably any other month in my life. And I’m 42! There is a misnomer that No Nut November means not having sex for a whole month. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women pick up on this sexual energy you exude and are extremely attracted to it. It also makes them much hornier, feeling that energy in the air and knowing that you are always ready.

Tantra Sexuality

Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing. This is what we learn growing up, but it is false. You can have any number of different types of orgasms without ejaculation. Orgasms are for enjoying pleasure and sex. Ejaculation is for having babies. Tantra will show the difference between these two things.

Separating Orgasm and Ejaculation

If you are ready to have incredible health, vibrant energy, and a wild sex life, get started with Tantra and semen retention today. You don’t have to go a whole month like I did, but start with a few days or a couple of weeks and see how your life changes. You and the women in your life will be very glad you did. Once you feel the difference, there will be no turning back!

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Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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