No Nut November - The Tantra Way

No Nut November - The Tantra Way

What is #NoNutNovember?

There is a challenge that goes around some circles of social media this time of year called No Nut November. Essentially, it is a challenge for a man to go through November without ejaculating. Now, I’m one of those guys who thinks whatever you do in your bedroom in your business, and nobody else’s.

However, being a Tantra enthusiast, I am inclined to fully support this challenge. It serves as a great introduction for someone who has no experience with one of the primary tenets of Tantra practice, semen retention.

Separating Ejaculation from Orgasm

Although many men have never even heard this idea, it is, in fact, true. You can, and should, separate orgasm from ejaculation. They are completely different things. Growing up, we are often taught they are mutually exclusive. But the truth is there are numerous forms of orgasm, many of which do not include ejaculation.

In Tantra, you begin to think of orgasm as an ongoing process, not the ultimate climax of a sexual experience. The main purpose of ejaculating is to create a baby. For the sake of pleasure or enhancing, moving, and sharing sexual energy, it can actually be a hindrance to progress.

The Power of Semen Retention

Your sexual energy is your superpower. As Napoleon Hill says in Think and Grow Rich, “Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires.” We are gifted with unlimited sexual energy as human beings. This helps us not only sustain our species into the future, but is the creative energy behind everything you see around you. Cities, technologies, artworks, all come out of this infinite flow of sexual creative energy.

When you refrain from ejaculation for an extended period, your sexual energies inside your body grow rapidly. This gives you more energy to put into everything you do, as well strengthening your immune system and other natural systems.

Controlling Your Superpowers

If you do not learn how to use this energy constructively, it can easily be wasted, or in many instances, become destructive. Think about when you were in your late teens, and you started to have an overabundance of sexual energy. Were you able to fuel that into physical prowess, wealth building, healthy relationships, or did you sit around and think about girls all the time?

Men usually don’t learn how to control this energy until they get into their 40s, which is why, at that age, many men accumulate great wealth and create amazing things. But you don’t have to wait that long to enjoy the benefits your sexual energy. You can get started now with a Tantra practice and a No Nut November challenge.

Tantric Sex

Now, not ejaculating does not mean no sex. I encourage sex through this process. In fact, you will likely find that you have much more sex than usual, because your body doesn’t need that recovery time after releasing your sacred energy. You simply stay ready.

If your girl is used to you ejaculating when you have sex, she may feel a little different at first. Sometimes they feel like they have "failed" at their job. Simply explain to her what you are doing and why. You will find that when she really sees the results, she will be very very happy.

Slow Down & Breathe

Once you feel the urge to ejaculate, simply slow down, start deep breathing, and move your energy from your genitals to the rest of your body, and through your partner. At this point, we’re getting ahead of ourselves and moving into the realm of sexual magic, so we will save that lesson for another time.

For now, simply challenge yourself to open a new door into Tantra with the No Nut November Challenge.


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Andy Eversole, C.H.

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