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No Voting, No Vucking; Democrats Insult Black Men

On Oct. 4, 2022, the hip-hop artists collaborated with the dating app BLK for “No Voting No Vucking,” an advertising campaign, designed to convince black men to vote.

30 days before the elections, the black community is summoned to rescue Democrats...AGAIN! Are African-Americans mules for left politics?

Entertainment Over Intellect

Who is in the intelligentsia for African-Americans? When it is time to connect with the minds of this demographic, entertainers are rolled out to perform this duty. The most intellectual among the demographic are insipid and innocuous.

When Hillary Clinton ran for president she hired Jay Z and Beyonce. When the world powers marketed vaccines to this demographic they called upon Juvenile and DMC of Run-DMC.

With the 2022 mid-term elections weeks away, predictably the left has hired Trina and Saucy Santana. Should we blame these entertainers for being a work-for-hire? I don't!

Entertainers specialize in entertainment. I fully expect them to be ignorant of intellectual matters, including politics. Their packed daily schedules hardly permit them adequate time to indulge in intellectual matters. There's no way they could know that a check from the Democrats is poison.

Cancel-culture will propel these entertainers into irrelevant oblivion. Their income will be severely slashed. In a way, they are ransom. Entertainers who cross the Democrats are met with reputation-damaging consequences.


This idea that black men must be bribed with sex in order to get them into a voting booth is insulting. This clearly illustrates the low expectations Democrats have for black men.

We've seen many accusations on social media that claim black men are fetishized by women of other races. With this new political ad, it's obvious that black men are nothing but sexual objects. Why the hypocrisy?

Wikipedia defines Cultural-Marxism as a far-right conspiracy theory. Any time the establishment labels something a conspiracy theory then it's probably not a theory. Chances are there's some credence to the "theory."

There's an excellent read by Michael Minnicino titled "New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and 'Political Correctness." In this, he makes claims that art and culture are used to "promote alienation and replace Christianity with socialism."

He also claims that there is an agenda to subvert the traditional family structure. And we've all seen this type of disruption with arguments against the nuclear family. The official Black Lives Matter website, on the 'Villages' page omitted men (has since been removed). The sentence read, "...mothers, parents, children." There was a willful omission of fathers.

This agenda included, "advertising techniques to brainwash the populace and control political campaigning." Is this not what we are witnessing with this voting ad targeting the African-American demographic?

In addition, he takes aim at the women's and sexual liberation movements, which we've been forced to acknowledge exhaustively.

We are seeing all of the symptoms of Cultural-Marxism in this ad, yet we are not allowed to call it what it is...The Seeds of Satan.


Black men and women are rejecting these advertising practices en masse, but the web of leftist media does a great job of hiding these voices.

Do not believe for a moment that African-Americans enjoy this kind of practice. These attempts have been a massive failure and black men are voting for Republicans at an unprecedented rate.

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