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Nobody Cares What You Want

Do you want more success in your sales prospecting? Then there’s something I need all of you, every salesman and woman in existence right now to stop doing. I don’t care if your business is large, small, just launched, been around for 20 years, or you work for "the man." This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system. When reaching out to a prospect about your company, product, or service I need you to eliminate the words “I want” from your vocabulary. Don't send another email or DM with those two words in it ever again. Only one person in the entire world gives a damn what you want and it’s not your prospect. I’ll tell you who that is later.


My LinkedIn DM’s are constantly flooded with messages like: “Hey Jeremiah, I researched your company and would love the opportunity to…”Jeremiah, I want to introduce myself..." “Jeremiah, I was checking out your profile and think you would make a great fit for XYZ, I want to jump on a quick Zoom. Here is the link to my calendar.”

Oh, you would love that would you? And you want me to take action to find a day and time?

seinfeld yeah ok pal
Yeah let me get right on that


Here’s a crazy idea, and one I think might benefit you. Speak to what your prospect wants. Stop being lazy and make sure you're reaching out to the right person. If you go to my LinkedIn profile and actually read it, you would know I am in sales trying to grow a territory for a very tenured company, so pitching me on your company's payroll software isn’t gonna be a bright move.

Likewise, how much do you know about the company you’re attempting to reach out to? Don’t offer help to anyone who hasn’t asked for it, then proceed to tell them what you want, it’s insulting. Maybe you’re a world-class recruiter, but did you even look to see if they're hiring? If you can save them money, did you even listen to their company's earnings call? You can’t possibly know what a prospect might want if you didn’t even take the time to search out the company.

sales research fail
Did you even Google me bro?


Start messaging your prospects in terms of what they want, not what you want. It doesn't take a ton of extra time and it makes a world of difference. The only person who cares about what you want is your mom, and she doesn’t work there. Now go make that money.

God Bless

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