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Nothing Kills Dreams Like Being Normal

Some of the most inspiring minds on this planet live inside the brains of women. Many might argue this because so few women exude critical thinking capabilities. Too many women have been inundated with marketing and have fallen from their throne.

These women are purely physical and cannot think beyond THINGS. However, when you find one of those critical-thinking female minds you can uncover a treasure chest of gems.

I've uncovered one yesterday and Tanya Fear is brilliance in human form.

Faulty Reward Systems

What happens to a child's behavior when their peers applaud bad behavior? What happens when they applaud good behavior? We are not much different than children. We are susceptible to feedback loops.

Our incentives are a bit more complex. Because we are no longer dependent upon our parents we must make our own living. We may even have a few dependents. What happens when Biden's America strikes and recession weighs heavy on your bank account?

People will do something strange for a little bit of change.

Every social media post contributes to the collective consciousness. When negative feedback loops are supported then the collective consciousness is lowered. When positive feedback loops are supported then the collective consciousness is raised.

The grifter class of social media influencers often fall into negative feedback loops because they get the most engagement. Tweet about love and people tend not to engage. The current level of collective consciousness loves to feed off negativity. Every good marketer knows this.

I rewrote the title of this post to include the word "kill" because I knew it would attract more engagement. But these are the things we do when we want people to pay attention to us.

Fear of Leaving the Pack

Your friends like to discuss sports and entertainment. You want to discuss raising the collective consciousness. You are the outlier.

Separating from the pack can be a lonely journey. You may even garner resentment from the pack. You are the weirdo! Weird means not being normal. But when normal is delinquent then normal leads to destruction. Normal is anti-growth.

The path of least resistance is often traveled and often leads to hell.

If where you're going is easy to reach then you might need to choose a new destination.

A hot air balloon does not rise until the weights are shed. And like this flying machine, you may need to shed some weight. You may need to release your friend group to rise.

There is another way to look at it. If you are spending time with a delinquent friend group then how will have space for a productive friend group? When you shake the dead weight you make space for a new friend group; one that is going to the same fruitful destination you are going. But if you keep the same friend group then there is no space for the new.

I am blackballed by leftist media. I have been for many years. They even write slanderous articles about me. But I never made a u-turn to fit into their paradigm. Instead, I dove deeper into my being and shared that with the world. We created a new thing; HOTEP.

And then I landed on the greatest podcast in the world, the Joe Rogan Experience; twice. Genuine greatness will always rise to the top.

Leading the Pack

Would the iPhone exist if Steve Jobs followed the crowd? Would the Wright Brothers have invented the airplane if they followed the crowd (who said flight was impossible)?

Being normal is the antithesis of greatness!

In order to be great, you must be abnormal. You must be different. You must do what others won't or can't do. The difference between the greatest among us and the rest is determined by deviation from the norm.

Kanye is a leader in the fashion world. Not because he has great taste. But because he deviates from the norm. He creates a new thing. Normal people don't create. They buy the creations of the greats. Money is funneled out of the pockets of normal people into the pockets of the deviators.

Do you want power and wealth? Deviate NOW!

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