The Ultimate Guide to AI Privacy Protection

The Ultimate Guide to AI Privacy Protection

When you use AI, your data is being used to train language models. It also could be used by companies and hackers. You can still keep your data as private as possible. Here are some simple ways to protect AI privacy.

Watch How You Talk to AI Chatbots

It's tempting to test the limits of ChatGPT or other AI chatbots. You might use it to generate emails, plan a trip, or research a health issue. But it's important to remember not to go too far.

If you're using ChatGPT to find out about your health, or draft emails with confidential information, your account could be a goldmine for hackers. 

OpenAI or Google is only using your data to train its models, but hackers have other ideas in mind. 

Try to limit how much personal info you type into these chatbots. Don't make it your one-stop shop for everything on the internet.

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Don't Be An Open Book

You don't want to share personal data with a chatbot, but you shouldn't share it with the world either.

Even when you're not using ChatGPT or Midjourney, your data is training its models.

Or, hackers are keeping an eye on it. Be cautious of what you share on the internet.

Visual and audio content is especially important. AI deepfakes can make a public figure endorse something weird, or a politician admit to something that never happened. 

Sharing a bit too much personal information or visual content online increases the risk of your identity being used in malicious ways.

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Stay Anonymous 

Companies love to take advantage of your data. They don't have to buy it from anyone.  

AI models can build a scarily accurate profile of you from the data you share. They can even get a gauge of your personality. 

Fighting this isn't easy, but you can make it as hard as possible to be tracked. 

Use private browsers and a strong VPN to mask your IP address. Pair this with anonymous search engines like Searx.

Make different usernames for each account, and try out disposable emails like Guerrilla Mail. 

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Read The Fine Print

Know what you're getting into before you start down the AI rabbit hole. They're boring to read, but take some time to read through the privacy policy of any AI app you use.

If you don't like what you see, look for ways to opt out of data collection or sharing.

Every service has a privacy policy that tells what happens with your data.

And stay on the lookout for any changes. Privacy policies are updated regularly.

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Wrapping Up

Be careful how personal you get with AI chatbots and image generators. 

When you're not using AI, try not to be an open book with everyone else online either.

Make online life as anonymous as possible with private browsers, search engines, emails, and VPNs.

Usernames and passwords should unique and difficult to guess.

And take the time to read through the privacy policy. There are also websites and experts that summarize this information for you.


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