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The True Religion of Humanity You Cannot Avoid

Humanity's rituals say more about its religious values than anything else.

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I've discovered the secret to success and it comes down to one word.


What is a ritual?

A ritual is something(s) you do daily — completely exempt from excuses.

No matter what, your rituals must be done.

Your business success is dependent upon your rituals.

Allow me to demystify this concept.

Keeping in touch with my audience, via email, is one of my daily rituals. This simple ritual is the core of my success. This does two main things for me — builds discipline and sharpens my writing.

Writer's block is the lack of a writing ritual. Only writers who don't write daily get writer's block.

"Skills unpracticed will be lost."

Hotep Jesus

Writing keeps me sharp. By staying sharp, the rest of my life is elevated.

Now, let's mystify this subject matter again.

Rituals are often associated with religion.

"Show me your habits and I'll show you your religion."

Hotep Jesus

You are the sum of your habits. If your life is not what you want, audit your habits. Here's how.

Create two columns on a spreadsheet. Column A will be things that contribute to your goals and column B will be activities that do not. Add a second column next to each to track the time. Knowing how much time you spend on each activity is important too.

Fill this out daily or keep track of it in your mind. Simply being aware of your habits will course correct your life. You will think twice before you perform that pointless and maybe detractive activity next time.

It's 18 minutes after midnight as I write this. At midnight, I realized that I had not performed my daily pushup ritual. Even though I'm dead tired, those pushups were done.

Let's segue into my pushup ritual really fast. After contracting COVID, I fell off of my workout routine. Realizing this, I needed some way to get back on the donkey.

So, I decided to post my pushup routine on my Instagram account daily. This holds me accountable because I told 10,000+ people about my ritual, so if I don't perform it I will look like a slacker to the public. This is how I forced accountability into my life.

After writing, I will practice Spanish. Learning the language is one of my short-term goals. My other hobby is chess so I will fall asleep to chess game recaps.

And that's another hack for success. Surround your subconscious mind with all of the elements associated with your goal.

"True progress is redundant, boring, and tedious."

Hotep Jesus

Do you want to succeed? Do the boring things. These are often the most neglected.

The process of success isn't sexy.

(You should see the red in my eyes as I struggle to hold them open right now.)

But the end result of success IS sexy!

Be sexy!

Anyway, if you don't know the daily rituals to make your business goals a success, I created a proven framework that you can slap your style over to create giant growth.

Thank me after your first six-figure venture.

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