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Russia Moves to Block YouTube

As platforms look to demonize Russia and its people, the country continues to go on the defense.

Russia may be blocking YouTube in the coming days, according to Russian news outlets. It could be as early as today.

Why is Russia Looking to Block YouTube?

Government officials in Russia demanded that Google immediately stop content creators from spreading threats against Russian citizens on the platform.

YouTube video hosting users were broadcasting commercials to encourage others to disrupt communications of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

russia youtube block belarus

To the government officials in Russia, they view the actions of YouTube as "terroristic" in nature and they threaten the "life and health" of its citizens.

Citizens of Russia looking to access the platform will have to get creative with their VPNs or use some other video platforms.

Russia's New Internet

Russia has already restricted access to Instagram and Facebook due to the platforms allowing calls for violence against Russians.

Recently, they blocked BBC main's news site, as a "retaliatory measure" against media coverage by the West.

Government officials have ordered Russian media to only publish information by official sources.

russia block instagram facebook

They are already working on building a "Sovereign Runet", a state-run internet ran separately from the global internet.

Free speech activists fear this move would strengthen government control of cyberspace.

But Russia’s reasoning is more for defense and not control. They believe these restrictions will protect Russian citizens from being swayed by the media.

Wrapping Up

There will be many changes on the digital front that affect the lives of Russian citizens and citizens around the world.

Considering how easy it is for Russia to block YouTube or other sites, it’s important to be as private as possible when surfing the web.

Keep your VPN handy any time you open a browser, especially when making purchases.

Also, use Brave Search, Searx, or other private search engines when doing research.

Rumble and Bitchute are good alternatives to YouTube.

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