The Simple Guide to Secure Passwords

The Simple Guide to Secure Passwords

Protecting your private data and financial assets requires secure passwords. But what if you hate keeping up with passwords? Here's a quick guide on how to secure your info with minimal effort.

Use a Passkey

Passkeys are an easier alternative to passwords. They let you sign in with your fingerprint, face scan, or screen lock. 

They provide a strong layer of protection against phishing attempts. And since they're stored on your local device, they can't be guessed or reused. 

Your passkey stays private and is not shared with third parties. Passkeys are a great form of multi-factor authentication, so if you still want to use your password, you can. 

And if for some reason you lose access to your device, you can always log in with the traditional username and password.

Passkeys are stored on a physical security key, or a device (PC, Mac, phone).

The Simple Guide to Secure Passwords passkey

Use a Password Manager

You probably have a lot of accounts to manage. It’s easy to take shortcuts, like reusing the same password. You may not have the patience to create new passwords on your own.

A password manager can help you create strong, unique passwords for all your accounts, log into websites automatically, and remind you to update your passwords.

And you can organize all your accounts in separate groups and folders.

Instead of typing in a password for each login, you only need to remember a "master" password.

Password managers like Keeper and LastPass are great options, and they're available on multiple devices.

The Simple Guide to Secure Passwords password manager

Wrapping Up

Consider a passkey if want an easy way to sign in without a username and password.

Password managers are a great way to store multiple accounts and one place. Then, you're only responsible for remembering one master password.

Keeper also includes the option to generate a passkey and store it directly in the password manager.

Do not open those emails, click on any links, or download files if you are not confident in the sender. If you aren't sure, log into the account in a separate tab.
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