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Social Media Steals Your Thoughts

George Orwell introduces the notion that censorship may limit some thoughts, in his classic work "1984". There are linguistic thoughts that require words, like when we talk to ourselves in our minds. Then there are structural or visual thoughts, where words are not necessary to think through concepts, ideas, and problems.

However, Sir Francis Bacon proclaims, "Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man." If one is censored they cannot deliver thoughts to others. Without the delivery of these thoughts to others, we destroy the opportunity for others to be inspired. This blockade impedes the potential growth of human consciousness.

If "conference makes a ready man," and we are censored, then how can we become ready? And if "writing makes an exact man", how can we execute with precision? But I did not write this to discuss social media censorship.

So, how is social media a thief of thoughts? The theft of your thoughts is indirect and passive. The average individual will not even miss the thoughts that have been stolen from them. How could you miss something you never had? This question alludes to my point.

Occupation is the method with which social media steals your thoughts. It bombards you with distractions. It delivers events, stories, and "news" that are irrelevant to your life purpose. This devil does this in abundance and does so consistently. While you were thinking about Ukraine or Kanye's divorce, what could you have been thinking about instead?

Opportunity cost also relates to the mind. While you were thinking about that you could have been thinking about this. Through the method of displacement, your thoughts have been bullied out of existence. Creative thoughts could have filled the void but it has instead been filled with nonsense. Thoughts that do not serve our purpose often lead to depression and anxiety.

Solutions are everywhere. It boils down to control and choice. When you scroll down your social media feed, you do not have control over what you see. You do not have a choice in what shows up next. The algorithms make these decisions for us. With choice and control, you can free your mind.

You can choose a book to read or listen to. Reading will restore your control over your thoughts. And please do not read to memorize. That is not the purpose of reading. Reading is to inspire thoughts and thoughts conjure ideas.

When done right, you will undergo mental transformations. From these transformations, your consciousness will expand. Then, through writing and other forms of expression, you can transform the minds of others. Your mind is one coordinate, perspective, or neuron in the over-mind. The over-mind is the mind of the collective. The more our minds connect the more potent this over-mind becomes. Collective consciousness can bring our society to peace — or war.

Please note that intelligence should not be measured by an amount of knowledge. Only fools measure intelligence this way. For example, look no further than all of the academic idiots in our society. Consciousness determines intelligence. And consciousness is awareness. More importantly, consciousness is awareness of self.

We have AI (artificial intelligence) now. But what is it that everyone fears about AI? They fear the possibility of the machine becoming self-aware! Self-awareness IS intelligence.

It is through consciousness that one happens upon knowledge, sources of knowledge, and the ability to unknow. Unknowing things are as important as knowing things.

To not unknow is to impede your ability to know.

Bryan "Hotep Jesus" Sharpe

Can you hold two diametrically opposed ideas in your mind simultaneously without conviction to either one? Then you are conscious! Consciousness is found in objectivity.

Your power resides in your ability to assess without judgment. It is inevitable for judgment to evoke emotions. But if you want to retain your power, it will require you to not be controlled by emotions.

Emotions are alerts. When information triggers your emotions you need to adjust accordingly. If the emotion is happiness then you may be a victim of confirmation bias. Quickly check yourself and deliberately try to contradict yourself to prove you are not perpetuating falsehoods.

If the emotion is fear or embarrassment, then you should definitely explore the information that triggers these negative emotions. This is the practice of consciousness. And consciousness leads to wisdom!

Stay Hotep, my friend.

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