Socialism, The Flower At the End of a Loaded Gun

Socialism, The Flower At the End of a Loaded Gun

These Are the Words That Began This Idea We Call America

“We hold these Truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

(U.S. Declaration of Independence. Para. 2)

Its a Locke

Before Thomas Jefferson was born and penned those immortal words into The Declaration of Independence, John Locke was writing the ideas that it would be based upon. These ideas were simple and in my opinion pretty obvious. His philosophy was easy to understand when it came to our rights.

“Men being by nature all free, equal and independent, no one can be put out of his estate and subjected to the political power of another without his own consent which is done by agreeing with other men, to join and unite into a community for their comfortable, safe, and peaceable living in a secure enjoyment of their properties.”

Locke, J. Second Treatise on Government

Locke and Jefferson both believed that these rights whether economic or social are our birthright.

The Strip Show

Our natural rights are being stripped away from us by our federal government here in the United States. In the past two and a half years they have gone into overdrive. First the Trump administration and now Biden have sought to use the exaggerated emergency they created to lock us down and tear off the illusion of freedom like a stripper finally getting to her panties. The disease they sold us was an illusion but the epidemic they have infected us with is far more deadly.

They Think They OWN You

These monsters believe that they have the right to rule you. Their plan is to shift and to implement the failed system that has destroyed liberty and killed millions. That system is Socialism.

Socialism is a system of government that gives the state control over functions that the private sector usually has control of and also puts that power in the hands of a central planner. This central planner can be an individual as in the case of Socialist leaders such as Joseph Stalin or Fidel Castro, or in the hands of a few powerful leaders such as the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

Capitalism Vs Socialism

In the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism, Williamson explains that the primary economic difference between Capitalism and Socialism is that Capitalism uses economics to solve issues of economics, while in socialism; economic issues are solved by the state which sets the economic process. In other words, Socialism uses the state to force you to buy something whether you want it or not. Williamson goes on to say,

“It is one of history’s great ironies that Capitalism built decent and humane societies on the basis of an amoral approach to economics of pricing, whereas Socialists built exploitation and inhuman societies on the basis of a morally inflamed approach to economics.”

page 22

The Comparison

Williamson compares four nations who restarted their economy after World War II; China, India, Singapore and Hong Kong. These countries chose two very different paths. China who was ravaged by World War II and India who was not, both chose a Socialist model to base their new economy on. In both of these countries inequity of wealth and destruction of civil liberties abounded while in Hong Kong and Singapore they chose a free market model and flourished. Hong Kong like China had been devastated by World War II. It also virtually is without resources, and managed in 1998 to have the same per capita income as the wealthiest country in the world, the United States.

Hong Kong, as well as Singapore, also had abundant civil liberties until the Chinese government was allowed to begin imposing Socialism on what was supposed to be a free economic zone. The people of Hong Kong began to rise up. There were daily demonstrations in the streets. Guess what ended the revolt... Covid. Again, this once free market economy was force fed Socialism.

How Does It Continue to Survive

So what holds these tyrannical systems together if they are so economically bad? Williamson gives an obvious answer, an iron fist. In these countries they also have no civil liberties such as the right to free speech, or the right to assemble. When the individual stands up he therefore is violently suppressed. Economic and social control, Williamson continues, depend on each other. In other words, force at the end of a gun.

Mark Levin gives a good example of why these Socialists feel they must have to control their people in his book Liberty and Tyranny. He says that Socialists are angry, and jealous of the liberty of others. The Socialist’s utopia is challenged by the ability of others to disagree with him. To prevent this, the statist must strip people of their individuality, faith, family, and his freedom so that the statist’s God, the state, can reach its superior place, ruling over the citizens of the world.

In the first chapter Levin states that Socialists worship the state as a god and says that they do so with the full zealotry of religion which supports the soft tyranny of the state that uses emotion to get people to give control of their lives over to the centralized power of the state. He references de Tocqueville who said that this soft tyranny leads inevitably to the cruelty of hard tyranny like Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany.

Our Government is Socialist

Socialism is in every aspect of our government, starting with the socialized education department. The Biden administration's recent plan to forgive portions of student loans is just the most recent example. To read my break down of that, click here.

Williamson credits President Woodrow Wilson as the primary person who introduced Socialism into our government. Wilson was also responsible for many other tyrannical practices such as establishing the Federal Reserve which helps to centralize our economy and rob wealth from the American people, a plank of the Communist Manifesto. He was the first to outright use propaganda. He set aside specific people as enemies of the state by imposing curfews on German Americans during WWI. He continued national segregation of African Americans and showed the first film in the Whitehouse which was a film created by the Ku Klux Klan.

President Wilson staged a socialist coup in his administration, Williamson argues. Wilson pushed through the Espionage Act of June 15, 1917 that punished anyone who obstructed his war effort with fines up to $10,000 and imprisonment for up to 20 years. He followed that up with the Sedition Act of May 16, 1918 which imposed the same punishments on all forms of expression that criticized the government.

This suppression of free speech led to Upton Sinclair being arrested for reading the Bill of Rights at a rally and Roger Baldwin being arrested for publicly reading the Constitution. Wilson also censored all printed materials and deported hundreds of aliens without due process. He encouraged local governments to conduct warrantless searches and seizures and many other violations of our civil liberties.

The State As Religion

Wilson was so successful, Glenn Beck states in his book Broke, because Wilson used the vocabulary of religion to strip liberties and money from the American people. Wilson called taxes tithing and claimed that wealth was a sin. Wilson’s plan to control the masses was called, “The Social Gospel.” He sought through this Gospel to control sex, morals, and even people's actions.

Adding to the Enslavement

Sadly, the pattern set by Woodrow Wilson was followed first by Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II, and subsequently by presidents Lyndon Johnson, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and last but certainly not least by Joe Biden.

Yes, Trump is guilty as well. Many people point to the tax plan passed by Donald Trump as a step away from Socialism. In a vacuum this might be true. Unfortunately, he erased this step by putting tariffs on imports. These measures more than erased any individual tax breaks. This is typical of statists, using a shell game to move money around.

Another notable move by Trump was his actions in the first year of the "pandemic." He shut down the economy. It will be said that this was done by governors, but they were threated by the administration with the removal of federal funds if they did not comply. Trump used political power to absolutely decimate the economy. As a reminder, Socialism is government control of an economy. This is the root cause of much of the record inflation we are currently suffering.

Add to that the "Cares Act" which Trump passed in August of 2020. This act was praised by Conservatives while implementing some of the worst Socialist actions this country has ever seen. Money was transferred, like always, from the middle class to the friends of the state. I actually took the time to read the bill. It was simple theft.

Biden Says "Hold My Beer"

Since his inauguration in January of 2021, Biden has proven to be the most Socialist president since Wilson. He not only is the violent tool of the military industrial complex but has raised taxes, increased regulations, and meddled into the economy at every turn. Many say that his presidency has already failed. I disagree, it has been massively effective at not only transforming the United States into a full blown Socialist nation but has also increased the global reach of Communist China.

China As a Superpower

Biden's policies in my opinion are intentionally weakening the United States to usher in a new global power controlled by China. The Communist country has had links to the globalists. Henry Kissinger set up this link way back in the 1970's. The Globalists LOVE China. Those in power from The Economic Forum to any number of elite organizations have made it clear over and over again. They are setting up alliances and setting the stage to geopolitically control the world. All of this Biden has helped.

Stop the Madness

Many people today say that the Socialist dictator of North Korea is a madman. He is not a madman, he is simply following the system of Socialism with its focus on a centralized plan that thinks first of the State. In that sort of system the individual’s needs are not important, only the State, and of course, it’s central planners. This is the "New Normal," ushered in by first the actions on Sept. 11th 2001, as we covered a couple of weeks ago, and then by the Scamdemic. The elites have gained control, because now they have the technology to implement their Socialist tyranny.

Defenders of Socialism will say that the system isn’t flawed it was just put in the hands of bad men. How unlikely is it that at the same time in Germany, Italy, China, and Russia twice, that the leaders were just bad men. No the thing that holds Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, and now Biden together is central planning. This lack of liberty both in the economy and the people’s lives gives these monsters the ability to use the system to rise to power. People who do not seek to control do not try to rise in that sort of environment.

Socialism IS Violence

None of this economic damage that Socialism causes begins to compare to the evils it causes through war. The need to control is essential to Socialism. This means that it must violently attack those within its control and those it wishes to control. Everywhere that Socialism has taken root the natural tendency towards escalating violence by any government is exponentially increased. Unfortunately within this country as the influence of Socialism has increased so has the war machine. This is obvious right now with the senseless proxy war in Ukraine and the outright threats of war over Taiwan.

We Have A Better Way

Government is evil and unethical. It is never a force for good. This is why many in the founding of the United States tried hard to curtail its power. Today we have a choice. We can accept the control of the slavery offered by Socialism and get more and more government, or we can decide to never be governed and look to build community in our local towns and cities voluntarily through cooperation instead of force. As our Hotep friends say "Hotep and Build." My point in writing this post is to counter those in their ignorance who point towards tyranny, cover it with flowers and call it Socialism.

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