Strong Dad June

Strong Dad June

“I want to be the leader that I’ve always seen myself as, that I’ve been told I was.”

Trey Quinn aka Strong Dad Protocol

Strong Dad Protocol

When Trey Quinn started what he calls the Strong Dad Protocol, he was answering a call from deep inside himself to rise to the leadership role he repeatedly found himself in.

“I led a protest of hundreds of people who followed my lead. And just seeing the impact that I left on these people by my leadership, he let me know that there was real value in the things I had experienced, and what I had to say.”

He recognizes the responsibility that comes with the mantle of leadership, so he started the Strong Dad Protocol as a means to the end of becoming a man worthy of that mantle.

“I transformed and I’m still transforming to this day… how do I want to leave this world and what good can I do? You never know if you can truly offset the things that you’ve done in your past.”

Leadership Starts at Home

Any leadership effort a man makes rings hollow if he is not first the leader of his own family.

How can you even attempt to lead men if you can’t lead women and children?

Arguing with strangers on the Internet about whatever distractions are being propagated in the griftosphere will never have the long-term impact, or leave the legacy that being a good husband and father can.

It’s time for us to increase the Strong Dad supply.

Strong Dad June is Born

While the rest of the world is arguing over politics and the Target Tuck Rule, Strong Dad June is wasting no time on that nonsense.

But the distractions have claimed many souls, especially a lot of those who claim to support traditional values and want to “make masculinity great again.”

Have no fear: the Strong Dad squad is here.

The American family is being thrust about on 20 foot seas and is headed directly for the rocks, but Men of Order, Hotep Nation, and Strong Dad June are the lighthouse showing men the way out of the storm.

Trey doesn’t shy away from the call.

“I want to be an example of what a good man is so that when my daughter chooses, she has a metric to base that decision on.”

The Proper Model for Young Men to Follow

“Strong Dad June shows men what women really want and allows us to impact young men, so that women have better choices.”

Building this type of positive growth cycle is what Strong Dad June is all about. The “manosphere” and “woke” leftist culture have offered decades of false dichotomy.

You are either a predator or you are victimized prey if you believe what you see on the timeline.

Strong Dad June challenges you to simply be a man.

It Takes MEN to Lead Men

Trey looks to the leadership of his grandfather, who was a WWII tunnel rat as an example of what he’s capable of.

His life as a skater gives sone insight into his resilience.

“I’ve been skateboarding since ‘93 and something that I learned from being a skater is the value of falling down and what it actually means to pick yourself back up. What determination is.”

Hotep Nation

Trey was living in Florida when he discovered Hotep Jesus on Joe Rogan.

“When I left Florida, I tapped into Hotep Nation as soon as I could. And I started to see qualities in Hotep Jesus. Not qualities that I didn’t have, but qualities that I had only just started to adopt.”

To an extent, everyone in Hotep Nation is a work in progress and is trying to do the best they can to build their leg to the table that holds the common values we all support.

Trey is no different as he describes his process of working towards being “a strong dad.”

“A man doesn’t say ‘this is me. I am he.’ He says ‘this is me now, what can I become?’ There is no ceiling to growth.”

Growth as a Man

“I need to do better at teaching the lessons to my spirit so that each iteration of me is better than the last”

“People don’t think about the spiritual debt that they have to pay…but imagine this is all there is and you still do nothing with it.”

“The goal should be to be the man that you would want to be led by.”

Would You Let Your Daughters Date a Man Just Like You?

“I wanna be the type of man that my daughters would want to pick… You want the man that your daughter marries to be better than you.“

Trey is raising a daughter who is almost 2 years old. So he is well aware of how critical it is that he fulfill his role as a strong dad.

Speaking on his challenging past, and even his recent past, Trey is incredibly critical. “I saw who I was, and I realized that I was no good. I started to search for those who were better than me.”

“We are the straight arrow. Be the best arrowhead that you can be, and the generations to come will have a better chance to fly straight.“

King Randall? He’s Not Even a Dad!

But he is doing more to lead young man than most dads today. If Strong Dad June could ever be embodied by a single man, it’s King Randall:

Sadly, we live in a world where the majority only read the headline of this article. For those of you worthy of reaching the bottom of this article, I will leave you with this gem from Trey:
Godspeed. #StrongDadJune
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