Strong Dad June: Manifesto I

Strong Dad June: Manifesto I

Today is the beginning of the long-awaited Strong Dad June.

Strong Dad June is a month-long celebration where we highlight the accomplishments of Fathers, Community Leaders, and men who continuously live up to the standard of Strong Dads.

Strong Dad June is a month to set a personal best or a family goal.

Strong Dad June is a month to pass lessons to each other and the young.

Strong Dad June is a month to gather around a solution-based community.

Strong Dad June is NOT a month to struggle with your vices, it is a month to defeat them.

Strong Dad June is NOT a month to drown yourself and others in misery.

The world is filled with too many men addicted to being a victim.

Polemic issues inflate into a bubble that goes viral because of YOUR outrage.

We as Strong Dads chose to invoke the spirit of the solution-minded man.

From our lives to our media, we speak, share, boost, and focus on solution-based ideas and media.

We do this with the hope that men take this beyond a month-long internet celebration and apply it to their lives.

This is how we dismantle the evil set before us to distract us from our communities and families.

This is how we fight back and win.

Where did Strong Dad June come from?

Becoming a father changed my life.

Everything that I held on to so fiercely seemed so meaningless and what was left in my hands was the few things that mattered in this world.

Those few things are my family, their success, and the imprint I leave behind.

We cannot change things we have done in the past.

As an ex-convict, I know that all too well.

But we CAN better the future for ourselves and try to impact the world and those around us with good ideas and ways of being for however long we are here.

This is a tradition born out of good intentions for the world.

This idea doesn't belong to me…it belongs to us all.

Strong Dad June is inevitable.

Post on social media with #StrongDadJune to keep to going.


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