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The Ancient Self-Brainwashing Dragon Technique!

It's 8:08 AM.

I've been up since 6 AM—mostly solving chess puzzles, reading forbidden books, and spamming social media with my presence.

Anyway, in observing my behavior yesterday I stumbled upon the secret which I will impart upon you today.

The question most writers struggle with is—"what should I write about?"

Now, imagine sitting down at your computer, staring at your blank screen, and trying to think of something to write about—FAIL!!!

That's not how it's done my Padawan.

My preparation for the next day's writing is done the day before. It either happens spontaneously or is premeditated. I add the thought to my task app and when I rise in Brandon's America the next AM I simply need to expound upon the thoughts of the day before.


But that's not the Ancient Self-Brainwashing Dragon Technique.

When I thought of today's topic it got me thinking about something else I do.

I plant thoughts into my head as I fall asleep. I bury them inside my subconscious or as Jung would put it, the unconscious mind.

If you've seen the movie "Inception", I practice something similar.

I visualize myself walking through a doorway—this doorway represents the portal between my conscious and subconscious mind—and I deliver a message.

Let's say I want bigger arms. I'll lay down in bed, place my hands across my naval, take seven deep and slow breaths, then begin my visualization.

I visualize myself sitting at an ancient wooden desk inside my mystic lair, dipping my quill into its inkwell, then I begin writing on papyrus. The texture of the papyrus will activate the cutaneous receptors in my hands.

The point I'm trying to make here is, the more I visualize and experience this virtual environment the more effective the brainwashing will be.

"What the conscious mind can conceive the subconscious mind will believe."

Bryan Sharpe

For example, I visualize myself in mystic-like robes, a white candle, dripping wax, on the corner of my desk sets the stage for a dancing flame. The scent of the oak interior stimulates my olfactory system.

Anyway, I begin writing the message which I intend to commit to the unconscious mind. I literally handwrite the message in my mind and whatever other thoughts that generally come to mind to add some depth and fullness to my intentions.

Dr. Strange's Astral Body (Fig 1)

I then roll up the papyrus sheet like a scroll and enter the doorway to my subconscious mind. As I walk through the portal the other side is filled with darkness. I walk until I meet my "other self", which is the astral body version of me (see fig 1 understand).

I hand the scroll to my astral body and it slowly dissipates. When it is fully gone from my vision I sit legs crossed yoga monk style and meditate until I fall asleep. This is all still visualization. In the physical world, I'm lying in my bed awaiting sleep to take over.

The next morning what do you think is the first thing that comes to mind? The message which I gave myself of course. But with it comes vigor and purpose!

This is the Ancient Self-Brainwashing Dragon Technique which I use to keep myself aligned with greatness.

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