The Tantric Male: Awareness - No Destination

The Tantric Male: Awareness - No Destination

The Moment

We seem to live in every moment but this one. Living in the future…dreaming, worrying, thinking about things that could go wrong, or could go right. Living in the past…stressing over mistakes we’ve made, things we’ve said, things we’ve done, or didn’t do.

All of these imaginings keep us from living in the only space that actually truly exists. The space that is now. This present moment. When you really think about it, this moment is all there is. The future doesn’t really exist, it’s just a form of our imagination. The past doesn’t exist either. It did happen, but all that remains of it are memories and whispers of emotion.

"All of these imaginings keep us from living in the only space that actually truly exists."

Infinite Source

All of infinity lives right now, right here, in this moment. You have the capacity to make any choice, to think any thought, or take any action you can conceive right now. This ability allows you to change your life in an instant. Most of the time, our conditioning and autopilot is guiding the ship, so we don’t venture off too far from our normal way. But it is supremely important to remember how much power we have by staying present.

This is one of the main benefits of practicing Tantra. The whole of its existence…the rituals, the mediations, the practices, the orgasms…All exist to facilitate an awareness of the power of the present moment.

All There Is

When you are in the throes of intense sensual ecstasy, surfing the ocean of love with communion of another spirit and the holiness of All There Is, you aren’t worrying about the future or fretting about the past. Time ceases to exist, the present moment stretches to infinity, and the Universal love of your existence is all that remains.

The dissolution of time is the true promise of Tantra. The more you practice, the deeper you go, the more you will feel the expansiveness of this present moment. And it’s here, now, where problems cease to exist, entanglements become loosened, worry melts away, health is primal and perfect, and love reigns supreme.

"The dissolution of time is the true promise of Tantra."

Exercise - Turning Off Autopilot

It’s amazing, once we become more conscious of our autopilot, how much we depend on it to for our daily actions and activities. Part of the process of “waking up” is seeing this for what it is. Things like how we respond to the question “how are you doing?”, or the routine ways we answer the phone. This is our autopilot on loop.

Today’s exercise will be a walking meditation. This means it will be a thought, or feeling that runs through your day as you go about your “normal” activities. But this will be no normal day. In fact, it will be the opposite of normal.

No Normal Days

For the whole day, refocus your awareness on the present moment. Whenever you feel it start to drift, bring it right back. Whenever someone asks you how you are, say something weird or different. Whenever you meet or talk to someone, drop all preconceived notions about who they are or what they think. Approach each moment, person, or activity with a baby’s mindset. Totally open, totally blank. Be aware, flexible, and vibrant in each moment.

Have fun with this. Say some outrageous things. Let yourself be silly and playful. Be kind, generous, and loving. Give compliments. See how much you can lift someone’s spirits in the few brief moments you have with them. See how much you can lift your own spirit in each supremely magical moment. Explore and Enjoy!

If you want to go deeper with Tantra and learn how to use cultivate and harness incredible energy, sign up for the broadcast Here. There are lots of wonderful things awaiting on the other side. See you there.

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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