The Tantric Male: Chapter 6 - Becoming a Tantra Warrior

The Tantric Male: Chapter 6 - Becoming a Tantra Warrior

Beyond the Orgasm

When most people think of Tantra, they think of sexual practices, orgies, positions, and gurus. All of those things, in part, can be included in Tantra. However, the true practice of the art moves beyond this, and into the realm of spirit. It is here, in the power of vast awareness and presence, that enlightenment begins to take form. It is here, one begins walking the path of the Tantra Warrior.

Balance in the Universe

Everything has its place in the Universe. In life and love, there is a time for sensitivity, vulnerability, and expression of uncomfortable emotion. Some situations call for softness, loving embrace, empathy, and surrender.

There is also a time for violence, aggression, standing up in the face of injustice. Sometimes we are called to war, whether that be spiritual or physical. As a human on this planet, there are no guarantees to life. At any moment we may forced to face some of the dark realities of human nature.

"At any moment we may be forced to face some of the dark realities of human nature."

The Call of Man

And as men, this is a serious responsibility. It is our duty to protect the ones we love. When we are out with our family and friends, that becomes one of our many primary missions. When you are nurturing a home with love and family, protecting those inside of it with your life is what we are called to do.

The beauty of Tantra is that it allows one to balance these parts of life. As you go deeper into your practice, your energy and power will inevitably increase. To quote Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.” While your spiritual and physical powers increase through experience of Tantra, you will naturally be handed more and more responsibility.

"As you ascend to these new levels and take on these new responsibilities, you ascend in Tantric Warriorship."

The Path of the Warrior

Sacred Sexuality

The Tantra Warrior knows how to touch, caress, and please his woman. He knows how to breathe, move energy around his and her bodies, and create sexual ecstasy. His kiss can be given with softness and grace, as well as with firmness and passion.

He is also keenly aware and sensitive to the energy and feelings of his woman. He is able to take her tests, emotions, and erratic protests, while standing like a rock in the midst of a storm. Never wavering, giving a little to and fro in flexibility, but rooted firmly to the Earth. Unshakable.


Outside of the bedroom, he is a spiritual gangster. In touch with his deepest purposes and principles, he is able to stand strong in his truth. He doesn’t go looking for fights and arguments, but when he is met with confrontation, he doesn’t shy away.


The Tantric Warrior, because of the intense and powerful energy coursing through his body and mind, is physically strong. He takes good care of his body. Exercising daily and eating a healthy diet, he realizes that his body is the vessel that spirit occupies. This endows him with amazing confidence, charisma, and attractiveness. Women are first attracted by his physical energy. Then, when they get closer, surrender to the spiritual and sexual energy given off from deep within.


The Tantric Warrior knows how to create financial abundance. He is able to realize how money and energy coexist, and how this changes one’s reality. He is not in it simply for the money. But he understands the value of freedom, choice, and security that it brings. He knows that it is difficult to become a master of spirit if you can’t pay your phone bill.


As he knows well, violence is sometimes required of a man in this life. Therefore, he understands the power and respect owed to combat weapons. He is comfortable in their presence, knows how to use them, and is not scared to take action if the time is called upon. The Tantric Warrior is a very peaceful, yet dangerous person. He is simply able to compose himself and control his urges. The levels of discipline exhibited by an evolved Tantric master are a sight to behold!

Spiritual Evolution

Through all of the uncertainties of life and love, the Tantric Warrior remains calm, relaxed, focused, present, and aware. Each experience, whether full of pain or joy, is a celebration of the multiplicity of life. It is all used for continuous spiritual advancement.

He is at ease with who he is at the deepest levels, understands the workings of the world, and where he fits in with it. Meditation, deep breathing, and sacred sex keep his soul filled to the brim with the zeal for life. He remains keenly aware of death, and its continuous encroachment on his reality. But does he let this bother him? No. He finds in this a sense of urgency, squeezing the most delicious juices from the fruits of life.

The Select Few

Being a Tantra Warrior is not for everyone. Only a select few are called for this endeavor. Still even fewer can sustain the rigors and demands of life on this level. But if you are ready to take the call, now is the time. The world desperately needs it.

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Andy Eversole, C.H.

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