The Top 5 Coding Languages of 2024

The Top 5 Coding Languages of 2024

Are you looking to increase your income, or just want to increase your knowledge base? Let's look at the best coding languages to learn in 2024. 


Python is still one of the go-to languages for beginners. It's easy to read, learn and use.

In the crypto space, Python is used heavily for testing and development.  

With the emergence of AI, Python is a great language to learn neural networks, large data sets, and more.

Python has a huge community to help with any questions or projects.

And there are thousands of public repositories on Github to test and build your projects.

Top 5 Coding Languages Python


As long as we have the internet, JavaScript will always be needed.

JavaScript is the go-to programming language of the web. It's used on the front end of websites to make them dynamic and interactive.

Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube all need JavaScript to display content.

For beginners, JavaScript is pretty easy to pick up but gets difficult if you dive into the advanced stuff.

Also, you don't need to install anything or compile code to see if it works - just run it from a web browser.

Top 5 Coding Languages Javascript


Swift is a coding language created by Apple that allows developers to build apps for Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Swift has simple syntax and grammar, which makes it easy to read and understand. It's concise, so less code is required to perform tasks. 

Apps like Swift Playgrounds help you learn through video games.

You can build on other operating systems. Swift also works with Windows and Linux.

You can import other coding languages like Java or Python with the right tools.

Top 5 Coding Languages Swift


SQL or Structured Query Language is a powerful tool for extracting data from a large database.

Developers use SQL when building mobile and web applications. Any app that requires a username and password has a SQL database.

If you subscribe to a newsletter or make an online purchase, your data is collected and stored securely in a SQL database.

Even for the non-technical, having SQL skills in your arsenal is a huge plus.

People in the marketing or sales team can learn SQL to help parse through data.

Those in the finance sector can also benefit from SQL; it can save a ton of time going through pages of financial data with big figures.

Top 5 Coding Languages SQL


Fun fact: The original developers wrote Bitcoin in C++. 

Video game developers love C++. It’s the backbone for most high-end games. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. use C++ because of their speed and efficiency.

Core banking systems use C++ as the backend coding language.

Banking applications need to process millions of transactions daily and require high concurrency and low latency support.

And C++ is the core language for a lot of machine learning libraries in the backend because of its speed.

Top 5 Coding Languages C plus plus

Wrapping Up

Whichever option you choose, it’s crucial to stay focused with it. If it’s a website, a video, or an app on your phone, commit to daily lessons.

Learning to code is like learning a foreign language; practice it every day.

Also, stick with one learning tool if you can.

You may want to jump into the next coding language when you finish a course. Instead, build projects based on what you just learned to reinforce your knowledge. 

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