Two Different Worlds: Perception

Two Different Worlds: Perception

In a society where two worlds exists, what's is to be considered real?

by Captain Nemo

I have always heard the saying "perception is reality", and I have found that to be true in a sense. Most people are blind to reality and only really see what they want to see.

It is becoming more prevalent than ever in the age of social media people have a cognitive dissidence to what is actually going on in the world. We are in a pandemic from a virus with a 90% plus survival rate. You turn on the T.V. and you find that your mainstream news source is pushing the narrative that we are all going to die.

While politicians make rules for all of us but they find themselves doing everything the same. Dinners with friends, trips to the salon and vacations in the tropics.

While thousands are dying in nursing homes, businesses are being shut down and crime is at an all time high, governors are being given awards for their leadership. Never have I thought I would see the day where a man would be awarded for utterly destroying a state and a great city.

While we struggle to make ends meet and follow the rules set forth by the governing elite, the Aliens look down on us with pity. How have we come to the point of utter disrespect for ourselves, our family and our countrymen?

We are now faced to deal with each other through a lens. The conversations me might have looking into one another's eyes has now become a conversation had through a soulless screen manufactured by slaves in a distant land.

The different worlds are pulling further and further apart. In a time where the commons are closed and ideas are only shared through social media platforms, censorship has become the greatest tool for the powerful. Thought control is mind control.

To find what is real you must live in the world that is physical. Earth, water, wind and fire are the only things real in this world. Flesh and blood, energy and matter drive what is the real. Your mind is what creates the fiction you precieve.

The sad truth of the matter is that our bodies are enslaved to our minds. Technology actively controls the minds of masses, and most are without their bodies. What the mind perceives the body follows suit.

The only thing left to do is take back control of your mind. Your body is the only thing you have that is real. More important than ever is to take care of the one thing that can never be taken from you without control of the mind.

If you perceive that you are in two worlds just remember, they are one in the same. My advice is to be present.

"One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do...two can be as bad as one...It's the loneliest number since the number one"

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