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UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs Blanchfield - Best Bets, Picks and Predictions!

Coming off yet another UFC judging robbery, we enter this UFC Fight Night week with a fat heap of nothing to look forward to. Outside of the main event of Andrade vs Blanchfield and a few fights scattered throughout, this week's fight night card leaves a lot to be desired. There is money to be made, however, and as your resident UFC degenerate gamblers, it is our job to bring you our best bets, Picks and predictions on this card.

BTW, Alexander Volkanovski is the rightful lightweight champion. Save the arguments for your mother.

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Potential for Action

There are a few heavy hitters on this card, despite my bad attitude about this Fight Night and the UFC in general. William Knight is the most physically imposing man on the UFC roster, currently, and has some devastating power. He's cutting weight to make light heavyweight, as he typically fluctuates between Light Heavyweight and heavyweight, but the man is pure muscle so it shouldn't be too hard. He looks more like he should be competing at a Mr Olympia event, but packs a mean punch only a pro fighter could. As long as his weight cut goes well we fully expect him to drop bombs in the octagon this weekend. 40 year old jiu jitsu player Jim Miller is also on this card, riding a three fight win streak all by way of finish. His last two were sneaky submissions as well as a mean overhand knockout three fights ago. He meets Alexander Hernandez in the octagon, who isn't the most intelligent guy, but always puts on a fight. In the co-main event, consistent knockout victim Jordan Wright will do battle with Zac Pauga, and it looks like Wright could be victimized once again.

Blanchfield's Biggest Test

Young up-and-comer Erin Blanchfield takes on angry pitbull woman Jessica Andrade in this week's main event. Erin is 23 and improves vastly with each fight, whereas Andrade has been a mainstay of the women's flyweight division, competed for the belt, and held the strawweight belt not too long ago. This is a massive test for Erin, because while Andrade is making a big run for the belt right now, a win against her would put Erin in a similar position. Erin's last fight was an easy submission of Molly Meatball McCann at MSG last November, and Andrade has only had three weeks rest since she put an ass whooping on diner waitress Lauren Murphy for 15 minutes straight. The lack of rest, as well as Andrade taking this fight as early as yesterday, benefit Erin Blanchfield the most this Saturday, but Jessica Andrade is a well rounded and dangerous fighter. If Erin Blanchfield wins, it legitimizes her and puts her in title talks.

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