UFC Fight Night Imavov Vs. Gastelum Picks, Prediction and Breakdown

UFC Fight Night: Imavov vs. Strickland - Picks, Predictions and Breakdown!

We’re back! After the typical UFC holiday hiatus, we’ve been awarded a nice fight night card for our patience. There aren’t many household names on this one, but a lot of exciting matchups. As always, there’s also money to be made (if you tail our picks).

There was a last minute change to the card, for our Update on the Main event, check this out!


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Let’s jump in to this First Fight Night card.

Story as Old as Time: Rocky and Russians

To kick off the main card, we’ve got Umar Nurmagomedov facing off against Raoni Barcelos. Does “Nurmagomedov” look familiar? Good, you don’t live under a rock. He’s Khabib’s young cousin, and bantamweight prospect. He’s a well rounded fighter that not only possesses the typical Dagestani wrestling skills, but also has a pretty nasty standup game. As Tom says on this week’s episode, he’s got a question-mark kick on par with Stephen Thompson’s. Keep an eye out for this rising star, or as People magazine would call him, “Nepo Baby”.

Raquel “Rocky” Pennington and Ketlen Vieira make up the second fight on this main card. While this is a -110 pickem fight between two tough ladies, Tom and I have a clear victor in mind. You’ll have to find out what conclusion we came to by tuning in, but this is a high value matchup for bettors.

50k Comes with High Stakes

Dan “50k” Ige has been in a slump. Back against the wall, co-main of a Fight Night - He needs a win. This week’s opponent is Damon Jackson, a rising prospect with a nice collection of recent wins. With UFC fighters being cut left and right these days, Ige can’t keep losing, even if it is to top competition. Tom and I came to very different conclusions as to who wins this one- find out on our YouTube or Spotify.

Trading a Mouth Issue for an Issue with a Mouth

When Kelvin Gastelum had to be pulled from the first Main Event of the year with a Mouth Injury, the only man to replace him would be a man who has an issue keeping his Mouth closed. Step in Sean Strickland(Sorry Kevin Holland, you would apply here too). In a contest of two fighters with strong jabs and tempered approaches, who will come out on top? Sure, Imavov gets a new opponent to deal with on short notice in his first main event, but Strickland just fought to a losing decision again Jared Cannonier. Really tough one to call. To find out who we went with, check out Pickin Winners on youtube!

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