UFC Fight Night San Diego: Vera vs. Cruz- Picks, Predictions & Best Bets

UFC Fight Night San Diego: Vera vs. Cruz- Picks, Predictions & Best Bets

Coming to you live on Saturday from San Diego is UFC Fight Night: Vera vs Cruz. Super exciting main event that promises fireworks. Also, a decent undercard comprised of fights for the more hardcore fans. If you’re not balls deep in MMA the way we are, then this week‘s episode is for you. Allow us to fill you in.

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Flamin' Hot Chitos and a DC

If you have friends that don’t like MMA, and you want to get them into the sport, then this week’s main event is the type of fight you show them. Chito Vera and Dom Cruz are two very well-rounded, upper echelon Bantamweights. Both men have had memorable fights during their UFC tenure. Cruz has a major advantage when it comes to experience, footwork, and head movement; Vera has the advantage when it comes to power, athleticism, and youth. To find out who each of us are taking in this week's main event, tune into the episode at 42:06.


Look at the damage Chito inflicted in his last bout. Utter violence!


Dominick Cruz highlights are always a fun watch. He's a definitive MMA great and a future hall of famer. He's certainly entering the later stages of his career but continues to have title aspirations. If you aren't yet familiar with him, now is the time to be. Appreciate greatness before its too late. This matchup has us pumped!

There are also some solid prelim picks this week. For our prelim locks, skip to 3:15. Spoiler alert: one of our prelim picks set a record for most women’s fights in the shortest amount of time.

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