UFC Paris: Picks & Predictions

UFC Paris: Picks & Predictions

Vive la UFC. Free at last, MMA was banned in the country of France in 2016. With recent legalization and recognition as a sport in the country, Dana White followed his UK playbook and set up a card in Paris, loaded with French fighters.

The main event is a heavyweight scrap that moves the needle in the division, the co-main is a thriller for the middleweights that is just as important, and the rest of the card is just as exciting. If you want some extra info on these fights, allow us to bring you up to speed.

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Perennial Title Contenders

Israel Adesanya runs the middleweight division (for now, at least. We’ll see what Poatan has to say about that). Two contenders that have faced him twice each, and lost, and are potentially looking for a trilogy are former champ Robert Whitaker and Marvin Vettori. They fight each other for that chance this weekend. The Australian Whittaker has some of the best one-two-headkick combos in the modern era, and the fight IQ advantage. The Italian Vettori has grit,a lack of intelligence, and an iron chin. Who will win? To find out who we think, skip to 20:11 in Tom’s, 8:54 In Keith’s.

Shooeys in Paris?

Cyril Gane is a skilled kickboxer who can pick opponents apart at range, and currently looks like one of the best athletes in the world, between his size, mobility and lean heavy physique. Tai Tuivasa is a big powerful samoan beast. Cyril Gane finally fights in front of a home crowd in Paris. Sure, he just lost to Francis Ngannou but he just stood the test of his power and went 5 rounds. Tai has been racking up the good wins against guys like Derrick Lewis. Does power beat size and skill this week? Does Cyril Gane come out victorious in front of the home crowd, or will there be shooeys in Paris? Tune into 12:22 in Keith’s, 22:25 in Tom’s to find out what we have to say about this matchup.

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