UFC 283 Recap

Recapping UFC 283 and Looking Forward

Being that there is no UFC event this upcoming weekend, we wanted to use today to recap last night's pay-per-view, UFC 283. The Jeunesse Arena played host to Brazilian fighters and fans alike, and saw two new champions belted. There were some bangers, and a few major upsets that nobody saw coming. Overall, it was a good PPV to kick off the year and sets the bar high for 2023.

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UFC 283 Recap episode from Pickin Fights with Keith and Tom

The Rivalry Comes to a Close

Brandn Moreno and Deiveson Figueredo met for the fourth time last night, and Brandon Moreno left victorious. Figueredo lost after Moreno closed his eye with a punch, and was deemed unable to carry on by the UFC's doctors. Some people online were saying that the fight should've been called a no-contest, but the official ruling allows this chapter to come to a close. There was definitely a concern that the fight would have an unsatisfactory ending, meaning the quadrilogy was for naught. Fortunately Brandon Moreno still technically finished the fight and is the champion. The saga was truly ended when Figueredo announced that he is moving up to the already stacked bantaweight division, as cutting weight down to 125 pounds was getting too tough.

Goodbye Glover

Glover Texiera, the oldest first-time champion in the history of the sport, attempted to reclaim his belt against Jamahal Hill in the main event. Hill ultimately won a hard fight by decision. Everything he hit the 43 year old Texiera with did significant damage but the old beast kept walking forward and dishing out damage of his own. Many MMA fans and handicappers were under the impression that Glover would take Jamahal Hill down at some point and submit him but Hill's takedown defense was stout and true. After Hill won, Glover announced he was retiring. He will go down as a legend of the sport, a man who faced a lot of adversity just to fight in the UFC and was somewhat of a boogeyman before he truly rose to prominence. With his notoriety he gained respect, and he

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