Valentine’s the Tantric Way

Valentine’s the Tantric Way

Why Are We Here?

Most men shudder when they think of Valentine’s Day. This “Hallmark Holiday” has a special place in the hell of our hearts. There’s so much pressure from society, the woman, the woman’s friends, etc., that we feel we have to go all out to make it such a special day.

Fancy dinners out, gifts, bouquets of roses, expensive drinks, chocolate…sometimes men even go as far as getting hotel rooms for the special night. One of the biggest reasons Valentine’s exists as it does today is to separate men from the cash in their wallets.

But, women love Valentine’s Day. And men love women. So…

What Do We Do?

Look, there is nothing wrong with spending some money on your woman, given 1) You have it, and 2) she deserves it. You must be in a place where having a fun night out with your lover doesn’t break your bank. Also, you must have a good woman that deserves this treatment. Don’t go all out on a lavish time with some girl you just met so you can impress her.

But the truth is women aren’t necessarily looking for the dinners, gifts, chocolates, hotels, etc. They have just been conditioned to expect that on Valentine’s Day. They expect these things because the influences around them, i.e. television, social media, friends, have hypnotized them into thinking this is what should happen.

Women are looking for connection. They want to feel special. Women love Valentine’s Day because it forces their lover to focus on her and their relationship. They love all the details of a holiday like this because it heightens their feelings and emotions, and they feel connected.

Sacred Tantra

But now, you have different options. You have secret knowledge. Because you’ve been smart and have been reading my Tantra articles on Men of Order, you now have access to the inner workings of a woman’s heart.

Below are three FREE or inexpensive things you can do this Valentine’s with your woman that will create what she really craves, deep connection and spiritual experience. From thin air, you will craft a Valentine’s day that your woman will never forget.

A Tantra Valentine’s

  1. Set The Stage - Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant. Bring the restaurant experience home. Cook dinner for your lady. Get a bunch of candles and spread them around the house. Get a tasty bottle of wine and turn on some sexy music. Set up a Tantric Ritual space in the floor with some blankets and pillows. Let your woman know that something special and unexpected is about to occur.
  2. Eye-Gazing - After dinner move your woman to the ritual space which you’ve already created. Tell her you are going to do a special Tantric exercise. Sit cross-legged in front of each other as close as possible. Stretch your arms out to where they meet hers in the middle. Turn one of your hands up, and put hers on top of it. Turn your other hand down and put hers on bottom. Then you each stare into the non-dominant eye of the other. As you do, began deep breaths together. Soon you will be breathing simultaneously and staring deeply into the soul of each other. Do this for several minutes. But Beware: This is extremely powerful!
  3. Semen Retention - When you get to the inevitable lovemaking, approach it with a Tantric mind. Practice the sacred art of semen retention. Don’t be overly concerned with a destination or orgasm. Simply enjoy each and every moment, focusing intently on giving your woman the most pleasure possible. If you get close to ejaculation, slow down, stop, breathe, and move the energy all all around your and her body. Deep breaths. Then, when you’re ready, get back to the activity at hand. Let the love move into the night and into the next days. At this point, Valentine’s becomes a lifestyle rather than a one-off holiday.

The Tantric Male

As you can see, you don’t have to be an NPC simp for you and your woman to enjoy Valentine’s Day. You can simply adopt a few Tantra principles and practices that will take your spiritual connection to new and erotic places. It is most likely that your woman has never experienced any of these things before. And when you are the man who shows her the way…well, let’s just say, you will thoroughly enjoy the benefits.

If you’re ready to become unstoppable and raise your vibration in these areas, then you will definitely enjoy my newly released book, The Tantric Male. In it you will find all you need to begin living a fully energized, erotic, present, and powerful life. I’ll see you on the Tantric Path.

Explore and Enjoy!

Andy Eversole

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