Win the Future

Win the Future

The pride and winning tradition of the Texas Longhorns shall not be entrusted to the weak nor the timid.

This is one of my favorite phrases.

A clear cut indicator of “who is this person?” Are you playing to win? Playing not to lose? Are you solving your problems or crying about them? When push comes to shove and heroics are needed, will you run and leave me to hold the bolder up by my self?

All evidence points to life becoming increasingly difficult for the human race as we “build back better.” These last few years have brought my ideological identity to light: republican, liberal, libertarian, conservative?


And with the pending dystopian future, there has never been a better time to be a T-1000. Because that is what it is going to take to come out of the other side of it. But even with that, we can be certain of one outcome for those willing to fight for success. But we must remember our mission as we tap into our T-1000ness.

1) It will all be fine

9/11, Patriot Act, the ‘09 housing crash, and yet those of us who were kids are still here.

Either on our way to thriving lives or starting businesses looking for our own independence. Often time I find myself wondering if these kids think life will go on or if they are completely aware of the big scale game being played. I’m sure the adults back then thought it was the end of days.

But those of us who were kids back then— here we are. We moved though those series of lessons and pivots, we didn’t stop as if it was total defeat. Truly, we have no reason to expect different when you adhere to reality and real world experiences.

However, what I do believe is that things will get harder, just not in a conventional sense. For those of us playing to win, the game will get easier. That’s right— easier. In another article I wrote, if 9/10 people fail, people will not try because it’s a poor cost benefit analysis. However, if you are the one who does try, you are now the 1/10 success, and have virtually no competition.

The only thing you are playing against is the time it takes to be successful.

I believe the future we are heading into will thicken the barriers to success. Overall, things will get harder for society, and now 95/100 people will not make it. But, this will make the game easier because the 9.5/10 rate will scare more people from trying. Further decreasing the competitive pool.

Being a winner will be a more extensive process, but the opposition to becoming a winner will be easier than ever to overtake.

2) Anger and love

Hate and anger are fantastic energy sources.

Havign the overconfidence that you can do anything is an isolating experience. Mentally, you are designating yourself as 1 of 10, and in execution you are traveling the road no one else is traveling. This comes with nay sayers and haters alike.

Personally, as I dug deeper into the dark tunnel of success, facing ‘L’ after ‘L’, I found myself running out of gas. Like an anime character, it was like I was doing this to prove detractors wrong, completely void of doing it for myself. I asked myself,

“Am I doing to prove them wrong? Am I doing this because of them, and for how long have I been doing it like this for?” it was around then, while cleaning, I found all of my old thank you’s and well wishes from kids and their families I had gotten over the years. It was exactly what the doctor ordered damn it: a solid reminder that I was doing this because I wanted to do something good, better than it’s been done before.


Your mission and the good you plan to do must always be the thing that pushes you forwards. That is the true T-1000 energy that will push you into your future as a winner. The drive to destroy everything that gets in the way of you accomplishing your goals. But, you must not let destroying what gets in your way, be the driving force. Annihilation of obstructions is a by product of your drive. Because if you do not, you will find yourself having defeated your adversaries, but realizing it miles away from your target destination.

The end of the day the strong will survive. And as you tap into your greatness, understand life will get harder. But know that it will be easier than ever to win if you decide to do so with relentlessness.

We will always be able to win.

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