Winners, Losers, and Decisions

Winners, Losers, and Decisions

Below is an open letter. Walking the unbeaten path, people you know and love will attempt to hold you back from achieving your destiny. I post this for those who feel like they are looking for permission to do what they know they have to do. You don't owe people who won't help themselves anything. You will have to choose yourself over others to move forward.

Men don't make ultimatums. They make ultimate decisions.

Email sent at 6:30pm Sept. 15, 2021, to a very close friend i have known for 23 years.

No response.

They don’t want to see you fail because they hate you, your success, or because misery loves company.

Your success is a reflection of their cowardice. A reminder that they choose to lay down to be trampled instead of fighting for life.

Stopping you isn’t about them feeling better. It’s about them not feeling bad.

Daxander the Great
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