Meditation For Men

meditation and tantra for men

Masters of the Ages

We consistently hear about the importance of meditation for our lives, business, and mental health. The mystics and shamans of the ages have all sang its praises throughout the entirety of human history.

But in a more practical and modern way, nearly every successful CEO or entrepreneur points to meditation as one of the foundations of their achievements. If you read the biographies or listen to interviews with the most prosperous of us, nearly every one suggests a meditative practice. Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Tony Robbins, Sam Ovens, Ray Dalio, and Tim Ferriss are just a few of the luminaries that profess the benefits.

meditation and tantra for men

But what actually is meditation? What kind of magical science is this? To some, it feels like a distant exotic art, practiced by monks sitting in a temple at the top of a snow-covered mountain. To others, it is a waste of time and energy accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Well, meditation is much simpler than most people realize, yet much more powerful than they could ever imagine. The only way to get a true glimpse into the wonder of meditation is to begin experiencing it for yourself. This article will expel some myths and lay out a few simple instructions on the path to becoming a meditation master.

meditation and tantra for men

Meditation Basics

The most basic, and perhaps most profound, form of meditation involves just you and your breath. You simply sit down, preferably in a cross-legged meditative form, with a straight back posture (sitting against a wall or chair can help with this). Once you are comfortable, you begin a deep, flowing breath. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose or mouth. 

As you breath, maintain your focus on the breath. This is your center of attention. At first, your mind will start wandering around from thought to thought. This is what is known as the “monkey mind.” As your thoughts go from what you want for dinner to what your co-worker said yesterday, don’t judge or get discouraged. Simply return your awareness to your breath as often and consistently as needed. You are training your mind to focus.

meditation and tantra for men

This practice sounds easy, but most certainly is not. The mind does not appreciate your first attempts at controlling it. But like a well-trained animal, it will soon become your best friend and biggest ally if you just keep going and centering your focus. 

You aren’t really going for anything or trying to accomplish something specific here. You are simply existing, letting your monkey mind run its course, and taking control of your process. Just keep breathing, maintain solid posture, and focusing your attention on the breath.

meditation and tantra for men


If you are actively working to achieve a goal, create a reality, or solve a specific problem, then visualization is a vital meditative skill to master. With visualization, you are accessing the power of your mind and imagination to imprint direct thoughts, images, and feelings into your subconscious. This programs the mind to assist you in achieving the outcomes that you have decided upon.

This is an amazing technique for making positive changes in your life, like getting in shape, making more money, or getting a hot girlfriend. Right now you might be fat, broke, and/or single, and you are ready to create something different.

meditation and tantra for men

First, start with the end result, and then work backwards from there. Create a vision in your mind of your end goal. If it’s physicality, see yourself in the best possible shape. Amazing health, sculpted body, powerful energy, etc. 

Then, get into meditative mode and begin your breath practice. Once you are sufficiently focused, begin meditating on that vision of yourself having already achieved your end goal. Imagine in great detail what you look like, how it feels to be so strong and healthy, and how others react to your physical and energetic presence. Allow yourself to feel this reality as thoroughly and powerfully as you possibly can.

As you do this more and more, your subconscious mind becomes programmed with that reality. It will then become your biggest ally in staying consistent each and every day as you work toward your goal while lifting, eating healthy, running, and all the other things involved with creating an amazing body.

meditation and tantra for men

Guided Meditation/Hypnosis

One other amazing form of meditation is what is known as guided meditation or hypnosis. There are a lot meditation apps, audio recordings, etc. that have someone’s voice guiding you on a journey. This is basically a form of hypnosis. You are trusting someone else to give you suggestions and direction that will help lead you to your goal. 

meditation and tantra for men

These can be extremely effective. I have been a professional hypnotist for over 10 years helping people with all sorts of issues. There isn’t much in this world that is as helpful as a skilled and experienced hypnotist that has your best interest in mind. 

The process here is basically to achieve a very relaxed, passive state, and let the audio or hypnotist do the work. All you have to do then is follow along and let your imagination create the experience. I highly suggest finding some good recordings to do guided meditation practice with. These can be excellent for helping you reprogram your subconscious mind. In this area, repetition is king.

meditation and tantra for men

The Dark Side of Mind Programming

On the flip side of this, however, is unwanted hypnosis. This is what is happening to the majority of the human population that are hooked up to televisions, mainstream media, pop music, etc. They are being consistently hypnotized with messages and beliefs that ARE NOT in their best interest. And you don’t have to go very far to see the devastating effects this can have on individuals or society at large. 

meditation and tantra for men

Always be conscious and aware of the programming that is going into your mind. Humans are trance machines. We are always being hypnotized. You can’t stop the programming, but you can decide what the programming will be and who is the hypnotist. This is your superpower. Use it.

Exploration of the Unknown

I hope this article helps you understand the basic forms and functions of the incredible power of meditation. The mind is the final frontier of human exploration, and we are just now finding out how much we don’t actually know. But the most wise of us through the ages have left breadcrumbs along the journey. And these breadcrumbs lead us to meditation. So sit down, breathe, focus your mind, and enjoy the ride.

meditation and tantra for men

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