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3 Major Reasons Why She Doesn't Want you!

Masculinity is on life support! Who is the culprit? Not feminism. Not liberalism. Those ideologies simply exacerbate the problem. Complacency and comfort are the culprits!

America has afforded us LUXURY! As each generation rises in class their spawn lives an easier life than their parents did. This easy-life spoils boys. It robs them of experience.

It is the hardships in life which chisel us into fine sculptures or...we break. This is what separates the men from the soy. How we overcome our mistakes, trials and tribulations is what makes a boy a man.

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

1. You're Broke!

With the boom of OnlyFans women are out earning the males in their age group by far! Hypergamy will not allow these women to date down. They will instead date athletes and rappers.

So, where does that leave the average guy? What options are left in his dating pool? He'll have to pick from the bottom of the barrel while the rich guys take the hottest girls.

If you're broke, don't date.

It's not the money that's a concern, although a woman will extract finances from your bank account, it is your time which is of the most importance. The time spent with a woman is time taking away from creating your next stream of cash! You can't chase women and money at the same time. But when you chase money, women chase YOU!

Women require stability. Any man not able to provide will be less considered.

If he cannot provide security he won't even be respected in a relationship. He'll be tolerated at best. He'll simply be an intermediate phase in her life. He's a layover before her final destination. And she knows this!

Here's the real truth! These women don't want to work. The only reason they do OnlyFans or start an Instagram brand is because they don't want to work (then they find out those things are work too). So, they won't be happy until they land a baller. For a life of luxury they'd throw their smartphone in the ocean.

But you! You're completely fine with having a boss. You like working for other people. You might be more of a b*tch than a b*tch! These IG models are more man than you! They took life by the horns, chose their own rules and cashed in! You're on social media complaining about them like a loser.

You're broke and complaining because she can buy you out with only one month of her earnings. Don't hate the player and don't hate the game. Just play the game.

Maybe it's time you thought about starting your own company/brand. I wrote you a manual that includes everything to get you cash flowing on a shoestring budget.

If you have the scarcity mindset, you won't purchase my guide. It'll be too expensive for you. But all you're telling yourself is that you don't believe in yourself. Because if you did, $47 wouldn't stop you from investing in yourself.

2. You're Fat or Skinny!

Shaming actually works. Unless you're soy. In that case, you complain about the people shaming you. But all they're doing is pointing out your weaknesses. And like I teach my students, weaknesses are opportunities for strengths.

People called me skinny. Did I take offense to that? Yup! Did it hurt my feelings? Yup!

But did it drive me to bulk up and gain 30lbs in three months? Yup!

But this is about more than vanity. The reason why you're broke is because you're out of shape. The shape of a man's body is one indication of his discipline.

When you're out of shape, subconsciously, people take you less seriously. Note how people with great bodies are treated. They are treated like Gods!

When the average person is a slacker, it's easy to be superhuman!

Bryan "Hotep Jesus" Sharpe

Being in shape is the simplest hack to making more money! Working out excites the chemical reactions in your brain and supplies you with motivation. Your favorite social media self-help "goo-roo" always talks about motivation. But motivation is simply a chemical reaction. You can induce it with drugs! Why do you think men are more motivated to approach women while under the influence of alcohol or other substances?

Working out is a healthy drug that induces motivation. You can unfollow all of those motivation accounts you follow on social media now. Thank me later!

For more information on health, check the health section on Jianchor.

3. You're Soft!

I teach men that there are three basic levels to masculinity. Money, Muscle, and Emotions. Money don't make the man and neither does muscle. At the core of masculinity is how a man deals with his emotions.

When men exhibit insecure behavior, like jealousy, women are turned off. A man should be so occupied by his own machinations that he has no time for emotion.

A cold man creates a warm woman.

Bryan "Hotep Jesus" Sharpe

A man with a bad example of a father will deal with emotions poorly. He will deal with emotions like the woman who raised him, often times. But man does not have a woman's emotional luxury. When a woman loses her temper she's a "Karen." When a man loses his temper it's time to call the cops.

When a woman cries on the internet it's time to setup a crowdfunding campaign. When a man cries online it's time to roll out the meme campaign!

The other problem is men are afraid to tell a woman "No." They are afraid to do something that will lose her favor. This is a scarcity mindset. In an abundant mindset you are looking for reasons to disqualify HER! Stop trying to meet her standards and start seeing if she meets yours.

Women will use simps for resources and attention. Simps give up both without anything in return. Stop giving until you start receiving. Great relationships are symbiotic.

Stop being a broke, and out of shape simp. Structure your masculinity and become a man who women desire! Tap that link and I'll show you how you can become a man high value women desire.

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