3 Tactics Grant Cardone Gets Right About YouTube Marketing

3 Tactics Grant Cardone Gets Right About YouTube Marketing

Grant Cardone is an enthusiastic and passionate marketer who loves to generate a plethora of results. It's not every day we come across someone who is so driven that he commands success to bow before him. So let's break down the 5 tactics that Grant Cardone gets right about YouTube marketing.

Grant Cardone walks out onto the stage at his 10X event and writes his story, made famous by his YouTube marketing strategies.

Build Your Story

Most people don't realise why having a story in your life is a pivotal factor. If you know anything about Grant Cardone, what comes to mind first? A man who knocked on doors for 15 years, a man who never gave up, and a man who had a deep hunger for success. Cardone likes to break his clients down when they come to him.

Who are you?

Where are you from?

What have you done so far?

Where are you going?

Your goal should be to cultivate a deep sense of meaning in your personal history and then broadcast that to the world with everything you do. Now we both know that it's not all about getting sentimental; you need to "pay your bills," as Cardone says. The way you monetise your story is to share your unique experiences.

When you figure out this portion of your business plan (yes, this should be a part of your plan), you should be adding it to your content on YouTube.

Grant Cardone Marketing yourself youtube
Growth on YouTube requires marketing yourself consistently.

Suppose you really want to know what marketing is at the highest level. In that case, it's about not having to do marketing anymore because everyone knows your name. Cardone is talking about the idea that people should know you by name if you walk into any room. If they don't recognize you yet, then you haven't entered the highest realm of fame yet.

1. Grant Cardone Knows How To Address His Audience

Grant's energetic personality makes him a great storyteller.

Whether he's driving his Rolls Royce, sitting in his private jet, talking to his employees, or walking around a neighborhood…

Grant will always have a story ready in his back pocket.

Do you want to know Grant's biggest YouTube secret to tell stories?

He knows the importance of focusing on his audience first before himself!

If you watch Grant Cardone's videos, you will notice ONE WORD Grant uses A LOT throughout most of his videos…


Why is "you" a critical word? Because the term "you" focuses on the viewer watching the video instead of the speaker (Grant Cardone).

You need to realize THIS if you desire to learn how to become successful on YouTube…

Every viewer is thinking about themselves while watching videos.

Viewers subconsciously think, "how can this video benefit me and the direction I am taking in life?"

YouTube's viewers are rightfully selfish people. They want information that benefits themselves FAST with education and entertainment.

How does Grant make his videos more educational and entertaining?

Grant will walk into the office like a CEO in every Hollywood movie. He will slide out a dry erase whiteboard, open up a marker, invite employees around him, and start talking business strategy to each individual person in the room.

You must master the art of connecting with your audience by watching successful YouTubers like Grant tell stories.

Notice how many times Grant talks about himself versus how many times he mentions the viewer…

Once you focus on the viewer instead of yourself, we guarantee that you will grow a fast YouTube channel.

Deliver your story to your YouTube audience with passion.

2. Grant Cardone Knows How To Immerse His YouTube Audience

Grant drops viewers straight into his videos by making it feel like a one-on-one conversation instead of a bland 9-5 corporate meeting with your irritating boss.

Grant's content feels like the cool business meetings we dream of being part of and situations where we accidentally catch Grant while he's on the job.

The scenery of his decked-out white office, moving cameras, the whiteboard sketches, and the energetic tone in Grant's voice makes the video alive.

Grant does not just sit at his desk and speak directly to his audience with zero emotion.

He puts in the effort to make his audience feel like they are in the office with him.

Grant usually moves and talks to the audience to maintain their attention spans while delivering business gems to those who want to take action.

Whether that's through signing booklets, delivering sales advice in his jet, driving his Rolls Royce, walking on Miami's sunny beach, Grant is constantly moving.

Without simple movements, viewers will get bored and click the next suggested video that meets their desired needs.

Adding props is a common strategy used by many business and lifestyle YouTubers because of its ability to capture viewers' attention.

(Quick Tip: You don't need to replicate Grant's style of moving and using props. Create the illusion the video is in motion by editing your videos to include zoom-ins, zoom-outs, and b-roll footage.)

Without it, Grant's videos would have less personality, which would diminish the overall branding.

Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone knows that success is a choice.

3. Grant Cardone Uses The Same Stories

Every piece of content that Cardone puts out is simply a new spin of the same life story every time. Think of his life story as a template; he can develop myriad ways to sell himself from there.

That's the key; after all, he's a masterclass salesman, right? Surely he would know how to market himself; he does this in a very organized fashion. Leads with an interesting fact about real estate to grab your attention. Then he sucks you into his process by explaining another version of his story.

The question you should be asking is:

How can I develop my own story into something that I can slide into any conversation? This is why building your story and then learning how to apply it is crucial to developing your brand. This will be the most important thing you do, period.

(Check out: Matthew Dicks book, Storyworthy a step-by-step book to learn storytelling.)

After you've watched enough of Cardone's content, you'll quickly realise that he's barely talking about usable real estate information. Instead, he employs storytelling techniques, as mentioned, to draw you in and close the sale.

Grant has hundreds of pieces of content in which he tells you his story, yes the same story. It's just in a different situation and at a different time. You should actually be saying the same things; it's simply a matter of expressing them in new and exciting ways. Standing proud of your life experiences allows you to embrace the haters and connect with your true fans. Learning how to gather up your experiences and tell the main arc of your story to your audience will take you to an entirely new level of marketing.

This is how the pros like Grant do it. They personalize everything they talk about and make sure that you, as a viewer, are involved and in on his plans to make you successful. Do what Grant does, stand in front of the drawing board and visualise your life through a mind map.

Distill yourself to the fundamentals and figure out how you can express that to those interested in buying from you and take your branding up to the next tier of marketing on YouTube.

Grant Cardone shows you how to put on a show.


The way you tell your story and how you develop your brand go hand in hand. Take the time to sit down and write everything of any significance in your life, both good and bad.

Customers feel more comfortable when they can trust you, and by learning about you more, they will be more likely to buy your products and services.

Holding down people's attention during a piece of content is the main challenge of YouTube. Entertaining people by teaching them something new and relating to them through your life story is how you keep their attention. Remember, as people hear your story and think about how they feel like you, they quickly become customers who return for more.

Marketing on YouTube is becoming more important than ever these days. The ones who know how to brand themselves and deploy marketing strategies are those who win the day. Finding a service to support your channel's journey can be tough to find. So we've put together a service that will help take you to your next goal.

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