3 Tantra Principles for 2023

3 Tantra Principles for 2023

Winds of Change

We’ve been through some changes. As a society and nation, this past 3 years has been a turning point. Systems have broken down, the veil of trust for authority has become thin, and human relationships have fractured along the lines of ideology. If you’ve made it to the here and now with some integrity and health in tact, congratulations! You are a warrior.

Through this time, one thing that has really helped me stay centered, open, focused, and energized is a deepening of my Tantra practice. Tantra is a spiritual study of energy that arose out of India in the 6th century. So it has seen its share of tumultuous times. Yet, like the cool calm breath of a Tantric meditation, it has stood the test of time. Remaining solid, fluid, adaptable, and strong in the face of changing winds.

Opening a New Door

I want to share with you the parts of Tantra that have changed my life, so you can also enjoy the incredible benefits of this tradition. Below are three of the most important principles I’ve found in a Tantric practice.

The cool thing is you don’t have to go to India and chant mantras with a guru for years to enjoy these incredible benefits. You can simply take these principles I am outlining here and slowly adapt them into your lifestyle. Then, as you wake up one morning and realize the energy, presence, openness, and pleasure that come along with Tantra, you will simply say, “What took me so long to learn this?”

Tantric Principles

1) Semen Retention - The reason why most people think of sex when they think of Tantra is because it is the primary door through which people enter into it. Modern society is searching for answers to our sexual problems. It seems most people are either lonely and sexless, addicted to sex, or some sort of dysfunctional combination in between.

Sexual energy is our primary power source. It is continually flowing into and through us in order to continue the growth of our species. Tantra allows you to take this flow of energy and utilize it in productive and healthy ways. Your sexual energy can essentially be turned into a nuclear power plant that can power your entire life and take you to levels you have only dreamed of. For men, this all starts with the the art and science of semen retention.

2) Energy - Once you shore up the leaks of your sacred energy, then you are in a position to begin transmuting it. This comes with a study and understanding of your chakra system, and the flow of energy moving through you.

Energy is constantly flowing into us, is colored by our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, then broadcast back out into the world. What energy are you broadcasting? Are you repelling those things and people you desire most with your energy? Or are you attracting that which aligns with your deepest principles?

3) Presence - Meditation is an extremely important part of Tantra. But the truth is you don’t have to sit cross-legged with your eyes closed to achieve deep meditation. Everything you do can be meditative once you learn to get into the flow state and be completely present.

Washing the dishes? Be totally focused and present in your activity. That’s meditation. Working out? Be totally focused and present in your exercise. That’s meditation. Having sex? Be totally focused and present on your experience. That’s meditation.

It might be helpful at first to sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breath to reach that state. But after enough practice, everything you do will become a mediation. Your pure existence in the present moment will be vibrant and alive!

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to bring these principles and disciplines into your life? I truly believe if you start to follow the above lessons, your life with evolve exponentially in the new year. It has certainly happened to me. To take the next crucial step, I've created a Free Tantra E-mail Course for you. It will teach you the basics of the principles above and show you a path forward into incredible self-transformation.

Come on, let’s go have some fun!

Andy Eversole,

The Tantric Male

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