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3 Things Men in Their 20s Need to Do

Nothing is more precious than youth.

If I could do it all over again...I wouldn't. Because I love my life.

But If I did, here's where I would have focused intensely on.


It has never been easier for someone to throw their chips into the Wall Street gambling halls. It only takes a few minutes to create an account on some fintech app and set up recurring buys on a stock.

I would even suggest dedicating a healthy portion of your portfolio to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Half of your earned income should be in your investment pie. This down-year in Biden's America 2022, is a fortuitous opportunity to grab a piece of the American pie. Buy low, sell high.

The amount of money you're going to waste on nonsense is astounding. If you create investment discipline, you won't have to worry about your 30s.

Buy monthly, weekly, or even daily. Play the averages.

Skill Stack

The biggest problem with college graduates is the fact that they don't know how to do anything. What knowledge they do have is nearly irrelevant to the greater society.

Plumbing, HVAC, and electricity are super-relevant to everyone's lives. These are real fields with real skills. The so-called blue-collar jobs are shunned for the office chair.

But if you choose the chair at least be valuable remotely. I wrote a guide on digital marketing people have used to land clients for their agency and get jobs as social media managers.

There are many fields like drone pilot or nuclear plant technician that do not always require a college degree.

You don't need to college to learn how to code. If you want to go to college to learn how to code then you don't really want to learn how to code. Learning to code is something that can be self-taught.

But while building your skill stack find mentors. These are experts in their fields who can accelerate your growth.

Mentors are a MAJOR cheat code!

Be nothing and everything

A young man is often trying "find himself." But you don't find yourself. Your self finds you. It is a process of trial and error. It is the result of experimentation. And when done right it is lifelong work.

Do not be afraid to stop a project or stop learning a new skill. Sometimes things no longer hold our interest but we force ourselves into them. When something no longer serves its purpose discard it. Your happiness is what must come first.

Even though you may have discontinued the learning of a skill you still possess some proficiency in that field. So all is not for naught.

Your identity will be shaped by your environment. Pay attention to the people you place around you and the rooms you are in. How your skills stack up will also contribute to your identity.

Let your learning shape you. Be a sponge. Stay a student of the matrix. Learning should never stop.

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