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D 3 Most Important Words to Your Success

What is success? Success is subjective. For some, it's financial freedom. For others, like myself, it's time freedom. You must define success for yourself.

Where is your journey leading you?

How bad do you want it?

How are you going to get there?

The three most important words to your success answer these questions.

1) Desire

Every self-help goo-rue and book will stress desire — and rightfully so. Desire drives everything around you.

The laws of government, which restrict freedom, exist because someone had the desire to make them a reality.

If the oligarchs' desire is heavier than the public's then the oligarch will control the public.

But if the public holds more desire than the oligarch then they would enjoy ultimate freedom.

Desire sometimes comes after a tragedy.

For example, a man breaks up with his girl because she's gained weight, and now, being single, risking never being married, and risking being desired by low-class men, she gains the desire to be fit.

But the best desire is one that's selfless.

Being driven by the fact that you want to help others is the best fuel for desire.

Maybe you have a family member in poverty and you wish them the best life possible, so you reach the riches to lift them up.

If you have not found your reason for desire, take some time to see it now. This is your source of power.

Whenever you feel the inkling to slack off, please think of this source and let it drive you to improve.

2) Discipline

The definition of discipline is doing what you must even when you don't feel like it.

The ultimate test of discipline for a man is sexual discipline.

It is a given that a man will need to release his seamen. But a man who cannot contain his lust to release, for a period of time, lacks discipline.

Motivation will leave you faster than a groupie girl at All-Star Weekend. But discipline is loyal like man's best friend.

If you develop discipline you will immediately enter the upper echelon of society. You will be a member of an elite class of individuals who enjoy the sweetest fruits of life.

You will also see why so few enjoy these same fruits. The separation between you and these lackluster humans will be wider than the Grand Canyon.

If you wish you grade a man's discipline then look at his body. The first act of love is self-love. The best kinds of self-love are the healthy kinds. The kinds that make you a better living creature.

If you struggle with discipline, start with getting fit.

3) Direction

All of the above could be all for naught without clear direction.

Direction comes from study. These studies must be a hefty mix of your own studies and others'.

Whatever your field is, you must experiment and explore it through study.

Without direction, you could be speeding in the wrong direction. And this could destroy your desire with disappointment.

This is why it's important to consult with experts. Buy that course. Buy that book. These are investments.

If you're afraid to do this it does not mean the products are not good — it means you do not believe in yourself. You believe you are NOT worthy of investment. If you don't invest in you why would someone else?

Tens of thousands, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent for an individual to obtain a shabby liberal college indoctrination.

Why wouldn't you spend a fraction of that for the potential to earn 10x what these institutions promise you?

I am an expert in my field and my track record is proven. Whether it's my work with 50 Cent, landing on the Joe Rogan Experience, or every little win in between.

If you believe in yourself then you can possess the secret marketing and branding formula all of the huge Twitter personalities use.

Tap the link to invest in yourself. This could be the spark that creates a burning desire. But ultimately, it will give you direction.

But discipline is sold separately...

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