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The 5 Agreements of a Secure Relationship

A man can choose to date based on attraction but his decision to enter into a long-term relationship depends on the five agreements

The Health Agreement

Health is wealth and longevity. The years of the Great Flu-Vid Pandemic have taught us not everyone views health the same. Some have chosen inoculation and others have rejected it.

Some chose isolation while others chose to gather anyway.

While some got fat others got fit.

What if kids were involved? Some parents chose inoculation for them while others refrained. What if your children had an adverse reaction? How would that have affected your relationship?

We are now beginning to see how a once-strong relationship can fall apart. Events come and go but ideologies and philosophies stay.

Establish your own health philosophy and find a woman on the same page. But above else, be dedicated to advancing your health ideology. Do not become complacent in your knowledge in this field since science is continually evolving. And find a woman dedicated to growing in the same way.

The Financial Agreement

Are you a miser while she is a spendthrift?

Most relationships fall apart because of money. Beware of the woman who spends your money while she hoards hers. When you run out of funds she will run out on you!

Identify the lifestyle you want to live. If it does not match the lifestyle your partner wants to live expect conflict. If your woman wants to lay out on a yacht while you are happy with a small fishing boat do not be upset when she entertains men with yachts.

Never listen to what a woman says. She will lie to steal your time. She will say money isn't everything and she doesn't want a rich guy but this is her dating persona. The real her is not speaking. She's operating in "safe mode."

"Safe mode" for a woman is where she says all of the right things to keep you interested. But you are merely a bridge to the next guy. You are only entertainment so she does not suffer from loneliness and boredom.

Do not ask her what kind of lifestyle she wants to live. Have a vision board date. This is a great activity that will let you see what's important to her. This will tell you almost everything you need to know about her, for better or for worse.

Lastly, understand that couples who have the same investment philosophy tend to live wealthy lives. Try to align on investment strategy and again, be open to evolving.

The Political Agreement

They say don't talk about politics at the dinner table but that is because "they" don't want a politically united family. Politics MUST be talked about!

If she votes for Biden and you vote for Trump she may raise your son to have multiple genders. Is this the life you want?

The politics of your family will contribute to the power of your family. Your relationship with the government is not something to be ignored. Being politically astute and active has its advantages. Your stock portfolio can thrive or die based on how well you follow your government.

Being politically misaligned means your life ideology is misaligned. How you view the world will determine how you tackle problems and react to events. The politics of your woman will become the politics of your son if you are not careful.

If you are aligned politically then you don't have to be concerned with the politics of your son. He will be reinforced from both ends of parenting instead of having to choose or be confused.

Politics is the difference between being free or enslaved. A woman with bad politics will vote for a president who creates recessions and mismanages domestic and international affairs. All of these will have an impact on the future of your family.

Your children inherit the political decisions of their ancestry. Create a world of freedom via your political decisions.

The Educational Agreement

This point has been touched on in the previous sections because this is the cornerstone of human progress. A man with no self-education plan is a stagnant man. And stagnant water grows mold.

Your son will adopt the educational philosophy of his mother if you are not careful. But if both you and his mother desire advancement in self-education your son will act in kind.

Intelligence is man's greatest strength. When it is not exercised it becomes his greatest weakness. The powers that be run amock mostly because the public is ignorant and happily ignorant. They run towards entertainment and away from education.

These subtle habits will be subconsciously embedded within your son. He will be rendered powerful or impotent based on his educational habits.

Your political, financial, and healthy philosophies desperately depend on your ability to continue to learn and follow trends. You must be as willing to unlearn as you are to learn.

Pick up on this with women. Are they as quick to listen as they are to speak? This is a sign of maturity and wisdom. This is the sagacity you want to be passed down to your son. This will keep your kingdom strong!

An intelligent mother creates intelligent sons.

The Spiritual Agreement

When all else fails all that is left is God. Some people believe in God, some are atheists, and others give the "most high" another name. What you call "God" matters. It can tell you much about one's spiritual beliefs.

Your spiritual belief is the magic behind your work (read that three times out loud). After you've bled, wept, and sweat, the hands of angels give it the essence of abundance. A man's work blessed by God is multiplied.

A family without a spiritual philosophy is easily usurped by the devil. Before one teaches a child math, science, or history, you must teach them virtue and values. Facts are forgotten but morality and virtue are what makes a man.

The quality of a man's work reveals his virtuosity. Men who believe in a higher power and live out of love bring about the best labor. Their duty feeds their inner self.

A godless woman will produce a brood of godless children. A woman without a spiritual practice is operating at less than 5% of her potential.

A woman who does not pray will succumb to worry and fear. Her decisions will be made from unstable thoughts. While a woman with full faith in God knows all will be well.

Be sure to run your dates past these five agreements to ensure a productive future. And never forget The Unbreakable Rules of Masculinity.

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