5 Easy Side Hustles for College Students

5 Easy Side Hustles for College Students

Are you a broke college student? If you are sick and tired of eating Ramen Noodles for dinner every night, then you absolutely need one or two easy side hustles that will put more money in your pocket fast!

Trying to earn an income as a full-time college student is challenging for many people and it can affect their mental health. With all those tedious essays and those late nights of studying, it can be tough to try and find a steady source of income.

Most college students are looking for some fast cash to keep them afloat. An easy side hustle will give you all the flexibility you need in order to create real income for yourself while you are earning your degree.

Let’s look at some great side hustles!

Flipping Items

Flipping, also known as arbitrage, is basically buying items and goods that are underpriced, and then reselling them for a higher price.

How is this possible? Well, there are plenty of people out there selling items for cheap that have no idea the actual worth of these items. Along with this, there are many stores where you can find these products.

Example: You go to a Goodwill thrift store and find a camera tripod for $5 that is actually worth $30. You buy it and then resell it on Facebook Marketplace for the $30. Boom you just made $25. It's pretty simple.

The best place to find valuable items are thrift stores, garage sales, and Facebook Marketplace.

This is one of the easiest side hustles that I can honestly say anyone can become an expert at. I used flipping to pay my student loans faster. I wrote a more in depth post on flipping here.

Some popular items to flip are rare sneakers, sporting goods, and vintage clothing.

In the picture below, I found these Air Jordan's for $15 in a Goodwill store and was able to resell them for $125. Talk about Profit!

Individual Lessons

Everybody has some type of unique talent that they can use to their benefit. If you have specific knowledge in a certain field of you can take what you are know at and monetize it.

1-on-1 Private Coaching is a great way to earn an income while still having flexibility. You can create your own schedule and set your own rates. You are truly in charge of yourself.

Some Examples:

Basketball Player- Training Sessions teaching the fundamentals

Musician- Lessons teaching the fundamentals

Body Builder- Personal Training Sessions or Diet Planning

Artist- Run a Wine and Design Class

Good Student- Group or Individual Tutoring Sessions

You are great at something, so take what you know and teach somebody willing to learn.

Drive for Uber

If you are a student with a car, driving for a ride share service is an easy way to make money. The most well known companies are Uber and Lyft. These companies started off with just driving people place to place, but now you also have the opportunity to be a delivery driver as well.

Once again, you create your own hours, so it its great way to make an income with a busy college schedule. This is perfect for someone who needs the flexibility.

According to Business Insider, some drivers make over $250 in less than 14 hours of driving. That’s not too bad for a busy college student.

If you're trying to turn your Ramen Noodles into penne vodka, driving for a ride share service might be the perfect side hustle for you!


Let’s be real, we are talking about college kids here. It’s not uncommon for them to go down to there bar a few times a week in their free time. (Drink Responsibly)

If all this money is being spent at the bar, why not hop on the other side of the counter and get some?

You can make a decent amount of money in one nights work as a bartender, however bartending does require working some unusual hours (sometimes until 4am.) Usually, you'll make the most money on a Friday or Saturday night, so if you're willing to give up your weekend evenings it will definitely pay off. Literally.

A lot of people believe the long nights are worth it. Check out the pros and cons if you are thinking about trying this out.

Dog Sitting

There are a ton of families out there that have an amazing pup. Unfortunately, some of these pets are stuck inside all day while their owner is at work.

These owners usually need someone to take their pup for a walk, or even just drop by the house to let them out so they can run around. Rover is a company that connects dog sitters to owners.

If you are looking for a side business to pay off student loans, start investing, or just want some side cash for your own entertainment, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Animal lovers unite!

Still Don't Know Where to Start?

If you don’t know where to start ask yourself these questions:

What am I good at?

What interests me?

What works with my schedule?

This is a good foundation to begin with. Once you answer these questions, you will have a better understanding on how to begin your journey finding an easy side hustle. Don't be afraid to take a chance.

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