6 Steps to Reclaiming Control of Your Mind

6 Steps to Reclaiming Control of Your Mind

The Stress Cycle

We’ve all been there..Mentally out of control. Feeling swamped, stressed, sad, overwhelmed, angry, unable to concentrate. Sometimes we feel these one at a time. Other episodes seem to combine them all in one nuclear meltdown.

Combine this with all of the mental traps of modern life; social media, twenty-four hour news cycles, constant marketing to our reptilian brains, and we have a recipe for disaster. No wonder physical ailments such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are at an all time high. The mind breaks down first, and the body is soon to follow.

As if that wasn’t enough, the world has been hit with global lockdowns. Kids couldn’t go to school, millions lost their jobs, masks are required everywhere, and now more and more pressure is being applied to put a needle in your arm.

Needless to say, now more than ever, we need to tap into the proven practices that allow us to regain more control of our mental and emotional states. We can’t always control or predict the things that will happen to us in life. There will certainly be ups, downs, and unexpected obstacles. But we can control how we react to them. If you’re feeling somewhat mentally lost at sea, regain some control of your mind with these 6 simple steps:

"We can't always predict the things that will happen to us in life...But we can control how we react to them."

1) Develop a Morning Routine

Before we get into the heart of the day, it really helps to take some time first thing in the morning to get your mind right. While the world is still calm and quiet, center yourself and prepare for what’s to come with a consistent morning routine. Everyone’s is unique, but people who are successful with this show several common characteristics.

Many of the practices in this list can be included in a powerful morning routine that will set you up for a day filled with energy, strength, clarity, and tranquility. Create your own to fit your taste and time, and make this a sacred sanctuary for your mental peace.

"Make this a sacred sanctuary for your mental peace."

2) Meditation Practice

The most ancient and effective of mind control practices, meditation can move mountains with a simple breath. In as little as 5-10 minutes a day, you can create a meditation practice that will have a significant effect on your mental health. Include it in your morning routine, or find times to do it throughout the day.

Simply find a place to sit and relax, close your eyes, and focus on your posture and breath. Thoughts will come and go. Don’t judge them, just let them pass. At first it will seem difficult, because the monkey mind gets uncomfortable when it sees itself. But keep on going. The benefits are astounding.

"Mediation can move mountains with a single breath."

3) Self Hypnosis

Another must have in your mind practice toolbox is a self-hypnosis practice. Hypnosis is closely linked to mediation in that it utilizes the same mental states of deep relaxation and trance. The only difference is hypnosis uses that state to focus toward a specific goal.

Allow yourself to get deeply relaxed then use the power of your imagination to visualize things as you would like them to be. See yourself feeling calm, relaxed, clear, and poised throughout the day. Tap into the feelings associated with these visions and allow them move throughout your body. Visualize yourself achieving your top goals and how that feels once your are successful.

This will keep you centered throughout the day and focused on your most important objectives. Like meditation, 5-10 minutes of self hypnosis can have amazing benefits in your life, and can be an integral part of your powerful morning routine.

"Tap into the feelings associated with these images.."

4) Exercise

This one is pretty obvious and self explanatory. But somehow, exercise seems to get lost in the mix. The mind and body are connected in so many ways, many of which we still do not understand. One without the other simply does not work.

Moving your body does so many things to benefit your mind. It clears your thoughts, gives you boosted energy levels, and has a great effect on your overall well being. You simply just feel better as you move through a day that includes some exercise.

It doesn’t have to be a weight lifting marathon at the gym, although weight training is great. You can do some yoga in the morning or evening. Go on a long, brisk walk. Hit the trail for mind cleansing run or jog. Play some basketball or tennis. Whatever it is, just get your body moving. Your mind will thank you.

"Just get your body moving."

5) Media Detox

Social Media and the 24-hour news cycle have taken a grip on our society. This phenomenon must be addressed in order to really get back control of your mind. There are so many opinions, so much information, so many emotions constantly pouring out of the media firehose. We carry access to it everywhere we go in that little computer in our pocket, and can’t wait for a stop light or waiting line to check updates (that’s if you’re not checking it while actively driving).

In addition, it’s designed to be as addictive as possible. Most of the time you find yourself consuming media before you even thought about it. One way to attack this is by not checking social media or news for the first two hours of your day. Go through your morning routine, do all those things that will benefit your physical and mental health, and keep the outside world from getting in during that time.

Limit your intake of news (don’t worry, if something happens you will most certainly find out), and definitely don’t get caught up in arguments on social media (you aren’t changing anything by doing this). Sometimes it takes a hardcore 2-week detox to really break the habits that social media has created. If that’s necessary, do it. Otherwise become very conscious of your media consumption habits and begin limiting them as much as possible.

"It's designed to be as addictive as possible."

6) Mind Sharpening Activities

Play chess or sudoku. Read a book. Solve math problems. Learn and play a musical instrument. Speak a new language. Write poems or blog posts. Draw or paint pictures. Be creative. There are millions of ways to exercise your mind. As the saying goes, “Use it or lose it.”

The more you do these mind sharpening activities the more your entire life will benefit. Sure, there always seems to be a shortage of time for these type of things. But often with a quick audit of your day, you will find plenty of opportunities to incorporate your favorite activities. Perhaps consider watching less sports on television or not binge watching that new Netflix series. You are sure to find an extra few minutes in there somewhere.

"There are a million ways to exercise your mind."

It's In Your Hands

I hope these steps help you in regaining control of your mind. Any and all of these incorporated into your life can make drastic and lasting impact. It sometimes seems as if the world is designed for us to lose our minds, become sick from bad food and lack of exercise, and spend our time watching other people do things. Be proactive in taking care of your mental health, and you will see the benefits in all parts of your life. Your peace of mind is there waiting for you. Go grab it.

If you would like to go further in the journey of mastering your mind, check out our flagship self hypnosis course Life In Purpose. It contains training in all of the above mentioned activities, plus so much more.

Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H. ~ hypnoearthacademy.com

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