Cry For Freedom

Cry For Freedom

The US and Its Allies Continue to Murder Children

Freedom and Innocence Stolen

Thunder shakes the ground as a child hides in the corner of a crumbling building that used to be her home. She stares at her crying mother as she pushes her down to the floor. In a fury of destruction, fire and ash blind her for life, stripping the gift of sight and both her parents from her forever. Fear and pain are now her parents as she pushes the charred remains of her mother from her body. Will she be found before she starves to death? Will the blood coming from her body stop? Will the ringing in her ears end, bringing back the sounds of warfare? Will her family find her or will it be the boot of an American soldier? That’s right a boot of an American soldier or their allies!

That thunder was an American bomb. This story of hell is being waged on hundreds or thousands of children across the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, and all over Africa by war profiteers in the American government. Many children’s lives have been destroyed by war over what? Money, Oil, Gold, Power, Does it matter? This face of Murder and Torture is paid for by you! This is your so-called “Leaders” fighting the “War on Terror” from their Palaces in Washington D.C. This is the might of the largest band of war criminals the world has ever known, your government. It is not by my consent.

Right now in Israel!

In Israel, who received over 3 Billion dollars of United States taxpayer dollars in 2019, the state is bombarding the civilian Palestinian population into oblivion. The Israelis have even targeted media. Among the dead that continues to pour in by the hour are women and children. Haaretz reports that 40% of the victims are women and children. You might be asking yourself questions like, "Where is this on my nightly news?," or the simple question, "Why?"

The answer to why is that there was a riot. Israel, like so many other governments before them, has decided to expand their empire over the bodies of children now that they have an excuse. The BBC reported this heartless quote from Mark Regev, senior advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "We didn't want this conflict, but now that it's started it has to end with a sustained period of quiet. That can only be achieved by Israel taking out Hamas - their military structure, their command and control." War is murder, and Israel has proven itself to be particularly tyrannical by targeting the civilians and punishing media with bombs of their own if they report against Israel. This monstrous action must end now.

Spreading Freedom?

In the conflicts in Iraq and Syria between August 2014 and October 2017 the estimated civilian casualties reported by Airwars is 5,961 . This is just the numbers that are known. It is not like there is someone standing in every city taking notes. The number of air strikes reported by the government is 28,000. Keep in mind that we are not getting updates on the nightly news because we are not “actively engaging the enemy.” We are not at war with any country, yet we had 28,000 air strikes.

These are only the direct and likely low numbers of civilian casualties including children. There is no way to quantify the indirect casualties such as the death of children and families fleeing these areas. As an example of this, a picture surfaced of a 3 year old boy who drowned fleeing Syria. This number also does not include the children killed along the road or at U.S. run checkpoints.

Also not included in this number are the hundreds of children killed by our “allies” such as Saudi Arabia. In Yemen the Saudi Government has been accused of “38 attacks on schools and hospitals,” resulting in “683 child casualties during 2016.” Your money paid to murder those children as well.

Do children deserve freedom?

These murders at the hands of the government of the United States are just the beginning of this government’s war on children. In 2014 a flash grenade was thrown through a window and into a 19 month old baby’s crib in a drug raid in Georgia. This child was put in a medically induced coma because of the burns. I disagree with the drug war but at least they could get the address right. In California a two year old was treated for burns in a similar incident when the police had the wrong house. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to go to court to take medicine from 12-year-old Alexis Bortell of Colorado. Alexis takes Cannabis oil to treat her epilepsy. To what end will the government go to attack our children?

Even more recently President Biden has indicated that he will continue to murder children overseas with his recent airstrikes in Syria. Add to this the 9th circuit’s decision to throw out the 2nd amendment, essentially removing any chance of you being able to defend yourself. It is apparently enough for government to have a police officer come to your house, sometimes hours after an assault and take a report that might as well be placed right in the trash. They expect you to trust the same people who are flash bombing babies to protect you as they snoop around your house looking for a reason to take YOU to jail.

Freedom is worth the fight

Why do I fight for Freedom? This is why I fight for freedom. This is why I spend hours and hours every week trying to destroy tyranny, yes tyranny. Our government is tyrannical. Some might say I am overreacting. Really, am I overreacting when these numbers are so high and offenses so great? Children are our future, as the saying goes, and our government, when they are not indoctrinating our kids in our schools, or poisoning them with forced vaccination, are directly attacking them both in this country and around the world.

The government apologists say that we are fighting to free those people and these children are simply caught up as collateral damage. They say we cannot prevent the occasional child being killed, minutes after bragging how we have the technology to pinpoint strike terrorists. There are terrorists in this world to be sure. Our government is a huge group of them.

Leaving a legacy worthy of pride

I am a father of four wonderful children and a grandfather to two beautiful grandchildren. I have worked with special needs children in my professional life as well. Thinking of these children, tears fill my eyes for both my own children and the children that I worked with. I have titled this post “Cry For Freedom.” That title is supposed to have two meanings.

The more important meaning is that I will scream until I no longer have a voice or until the injustices of this government stop. I will shout at all of those men and women who pass laws meant to strip us of our natural rights. I will CRY for Freedom for my children and your children even if it costs me my life and my freedom because it is in my right to do so. This is why we fight.

The lovers of these murderers say, it can’t be done, or the government is too strong. Those founding fathers that so many deify did not sit idly by and allow the British government to violate them. They sacrificed all they had to bring more freedom. We are not less than they are. Our battle is no less important. These are our children that have the dream of Liberty being stolen from them. Our children are having their future stolen through taxation. That Baby in the crib is being flash bombed so that we will fear the police. Those children in Iraq and Syria, or anywhere else are no less deserving of life and freedom. With my dying breath if need be I will stand for these children against this government. I will be heard when I CRY FOR FREEDOM!

It is up to us

Thomas Paine said “When we contemplate the fall of Empires and the extinction of nations of the ancient world, we see but little to excite our regret than the moldering ruins of pompous palaces, magnificent monuments, lofty pyramids, and walls and towers of the most costly workmanship. But when the Empire of America shall fall, the subject for contemplative sorrow will be infinitely greater than crumbling brass or marble can inspire. It will not then be said, here stood a temple of vast antiquity,—here rose a Babel of invisible height, or there a palace of sumptuous extravagance; but here, ah painful thought! the noblest work of human wisdom, the grandest scene of human glory, the fair cause of freedom rose and fell!" It will not happen while I still am alive.

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