A Tantra Breathing Technique That Will Change Your Life

A Tantra Breathing Technique That Will Change Your Life

Energy Sources

An understanding of Tantra is an understanding of your physical, spiritual, and mental energy. As God intended, we have access to a constant flow of energy that moves through and animates us. One of the most potent and powerful of these energies is our sexual energy. This manifests in not only the drive to procreate, but also our dreams, desires, and plans.

A Tantra practice allows one to increase, manipulate, and deploy this powerful energy in any way we choose. It gives us more power and choice in the direction of our focus, like adding a rocket engine under the hood of our car. This generates increased physical health, sexual drive, and magnetic presence.


With Tantra, you will no longer need to memorize lines or stories to attract the opposite sex. Your energy will do the talking. Then, your awareness and keen attention to detail will lead you down any path you choose to travel. It’s like a door into a new world opens up to you.

One way Tantra connects you to this new world is through the breath.

Below is a powerful breathing technique that will literally “change your life.” I know that term gets thrown around a lot these days, but in regards to this breath, I’m not exaggerating. It comes out of thousands of years of eastern energy work, and I’ve seen the results in my life personally. When I incorporated this technique into a daily mediation practice, my energy, focus, and results in all areas of my life skyrocketed!

The Micro-Cosmic Orbit

Sit on the floor with your back straight (against a chair or bed works well), or you can do this standing. Take a deep breath in and imagine it entering in through your perineum, which is that space between your anus and whatever plumbing you may have. This is also where your root chakra exists.

Breathe in through your perineum and allow that energy and breath to move up your spine on the inhale, all the way to the top of your head, holding it there for a moment. Then, exhale that breath and energy down the front of your body and back out through the space from which it came.

This creates a circle, or orbit, of breath and energy, hence the name Micro-Cosmic Orbit. Keep doing this breath until you get a smooth orbit of energy continually moving up the spine, then back down the front with each inhale and exhale.

To boost your energy even more, you can add a Kegel squeeze on the inhale to prime and pump that energy up your spine. Also experiment with connecting your tongue to the roof of your mouth on the exhale, closing this energetic circuit. These additions rapidly adds potency to your breath energy!

Scientific Prayer

The breathing alone will change your state and increase your energy levels profoundly. But don’t stop there! You can also direct your thoughts and visualizations to powerfully affect your subconscious mind in this state.

As you breathe, use the power of your imagination to visualize your goals and dreams as having already been accomplished. See yourself enjoying your deepest accomplishments and pleasures, living life in abundance, love, and harmony. Feed your subconscious mantras and affirmations that reflect the person who you are becoming. Imagine each and every breath that your body becomes stronger and fitter, your mind more clear, focused, and relaxed, and the power to change yourself and the world around you positively increasing.

It’s like plugging yourself into a spiritual battery!

If you want to learn this and even more profound Tantra techniques to enrich your spiritual and sexual life, sign up for my Free Tantra Email Course and start learning today!

Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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