Democrats Cornered the Market on Racism

Democrats Cornered the Market on Racism

The recent Joe Rogan controversy over the n-word has sparked massive debate. Is it ever okay for a white person to use the n-word?

No. But that’s not what this debate is really about.

To understand the world and escape the narrative you have to look at root causes.

Plenty of non-Black comedians, news anchors, musicians, talk show hosts and politicians have used the n-word in the past. Plenty of comedians have told racist jokes. Why is Joe Rogan attacked and Howard Stern left alone?

Trevor Noah in 2015 told a number of anti-Semitic jokes and never apologized for them. Now he attacks Joe Rogan, yet somehow Trevor Noah gets a “pass”.

It seems that every time a conservative, white or Black, points out racism on the other side, the other side gets a “pass”.

Harboring racial hatred or racial prejudice is no longer required to be a racist. Conservatives can't defend themselves.

Anti-White racism is said to not even exist and so can never be called out.

How is it that one side is always the racist side and the other side can never be racist?

Why are all conservatives racist?

lexicon: the vocabulary of a … branch of knowledge

nomenclature: the devising of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline

esoteric: intended for…only a small number of people with specialized knowledge

"Racism” is not really a common word. It is a specialized word. It exists in the nomenclature of a branch of knowledge. Even though the word is widely used in common parlance, it is still a specialized word.

"Racism” originated with anthropologists. It replaced the common phrases “racial hatred” and “racial prejudice.” Sociologists went on to study “racism” and further defined it. These fields of study control the definition of “racism.” It is their word. They own it as esoteric lexicon.

These social sciences inform (or rather serve to “confirm”) Leftist ideology.

If you understand the above you will understand the futility in attempting to call out racism on the Left. It is a rigged game. The Left can’t be racist by definition.

They own the word and thereby control what is and what is not racist.

The conservative does not have any authority in these fields. Thus, the conservative does not get to say what is, or is not, racist.

In fact, the conservative doesn't even acknowledge these subjects as legitimate fields of study but validates them by using their words. (If you think a subject is bogus, don't use their words.)

“Racism” is a word controlled by an intelligentsia that informs a political movement. The opposing political faction has no viable access to the word.

A conservative arguing about racism with the Left looks much like a plumber arguing with astronomers about whether Pluto is a planet.

This makes "racist” or “racism” a charge against which no one can fight back. That is by design. They'll just shift the definition on you (move the goal post).

"Racism" as a political weapon.

Joe Rogan wasn’t “racist” until he had medical experts talk about the jabby. These conversations ran counter to the Leftist media's political narrative required to keep the boot on everyone’s neck. It was this exercise in free expression that really caused the Left to get their knickers in a twist.

But Joe Rogan isn't a "conservative". So this tool of social warfare is even more pernicious. Any wrongthinker according to the Left can now be accused of racist crimethink.

How do we overcome "racism"?

So what can the conservative do? Honestly it’s just time to stop playing this game.

The school yard tactics of “I know you are but what am I” and “takes one to know one” are of no use.

Instead, employ the most effective of school yard tactics: ignore the bullies.

But the conservative also has his own specialized ideology that ensnares his mind. He will never be free from this charade of “us versus them” and these distractions fed to him by the powers that be until he elevates his mind and starts looking at the world properly and using some sense in human relations.

So what the conservative needs to do is flock over to Hotep Nation and get his mind right.

And here is an excellent place to start:
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