Andrew Tate, Alex Jones, and the Age of Censorship

Andrew Tate, Alex Jones, and the Age of Censorship

Who is Andrew Tate?

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet for the past year or two, then you have surely come across the brash stylings of Andrew Tate. A former kickboxing world champion and successful entrepreneur, Tate had, in his own words, “conquered the internet” as of late. Everywhere one seemed to turn on social media was met with that shaved head, styled suit, and designer sunglasses.

That lasted until this last week, when Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all simultaneously banned him from their platforms. No real reason was given for these bans except the reasoning that Tate is “dangerous” and “misogynistic”, whatever those terms seem to mean…

A Light in the World of Shadows

I first came across Tate when he guested on InfoWars with Alex Jones. He was confident, eloquent in his language and communication, and very knowledgeable about the true workings of the shadow world. Thus I followed him on Twitter (now on his 9th or so account since the others have been banned), and have paid attention since.

Given the Alex Jones connection, I can’t help but compare his recent banning to that of the embattled InfoWars host back in 2018. Alex was the first to get the complete ban treatment, where the biggest tech platforms, all in unison, banned a certain user for no clear reason other than the vague, “against our policies” reasoning.

The Age of Censorship

I remember when that happened and the feeling of concern I had over the future of communication on these platforms. If they could simply ban Jones because they didn’t like him or his message, then they could ban anyone. And as the last few years have played out, this has certainly come to fruition. They have since banned a President of the United States, prominent doctors who questioned the medical community, journalists who dared ask the tough questions, and American citizens questioning the legitimacy of the election.

Andrew Tate is now the latest in this never-ending stream of the banned and canceled. And for what? Telling men to make money, train their body, learn to fight, and be brave in the face of adversity? Masculinity is under attack, and this man was on the front lines of bringing masculinity to a whole new population of computer nerds sitting in their parents’ basement. He HAD to be de-platformed.

The interesting thing is they only seem to de-platform those reaching peak levels of power, success, and influence. Alex Jones was banned because he was so successful, and his message contradicts the establishment narrative. When you speak truth to power, AND you become incredibly popular with a massive audience, then you get put on the chopping block.

"The interesting thing is they only seem to de-platform those reaching peak levels of power, success, and influence."

The good news is big tech doesn’t quite have a monopoly on speech and communication…yet. InfoWars is still on air on their website and on many radio stations. Andrew Tate still has Hustler’s University and the War Room, and is still able to reach people, organize, and have influence. He has important truths to communicate to the world, and an entertaining and charismatic style in which he delivers it.

Lessons from Top G

Below are the top 5 gems I’ve received from watching Tate Interviews and following him on Twitter.

  1. Get Rich - Money equals freedom. When you reach a certain level of financial success, there are doors open to you which were closed before. Get to the point where you can do anything, anywhere, at any time.
  2. Train - Learn to fight. Get comfortable with the use of weapons. Push your body to get stronger and better. Become a warrior.
  3. Get on Multiple Grids - It’s nearly impossible to live off grid now. The next best thing is to live on as many grids as possible. Get passports and residencies in different countries. Set up bank accounts in as many places as possible. This ties in with #1 in the pursuit of true freedom.
  4. Have a Network - You can’t do amazing things alone. Build a network with successful, powerful, and inspirational people. Lions are the kings of the jungle, yet they travel in packs.
  5. Be True - Tate has had to know that banning was coming. He’s been removed from Twitter over 9 times. Yet, he has stayed true to who he is and what he communicates. Don’t let the world water down your truth and its delivery.

Censorship Doesn't Work

In my opinion, banning characters like Andrew Tate and Alex Jones doesn’t eliminate these people, but only makes them stronger. Their message becomes more distilled, more powerful, and more enticing. Hasn’t it always been this way? Truth must often be disguised for it to reach the light of day. Mystery schools have been around since the dawn of civilization, cultivating, sharing, and protecting the knowledge of what it means to truly be a self-actualized human on this planet.

"Truth must often be disguised for it to reach the light of day."

Thanks to all who have stayed the course in the face of intense censorship, lying, deceit, and oppression. The fight continues.

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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