The Best Real Estate Youtube Channels

The Best Real Estate Youtube Channels

Whats the best real estate channel on Youtube ?

That is a tough question to answer considering Youtube has over 2 Billion users worldwide and 500 hours of video being uploaded every minute.

Living in the modern world is great because there is so much free information on the internet, however, due to the surplus of information it can be tough to distinguish good information from the trash.

If you don’t know where to look, then you could be led to a pile of misinformation which can point you in the wrong direction.

Real estate can be a great wealth building tool and there are plenty of amazing real estate youtube channels that can help you learn.

Whether you are looking to get involved with flipping houses, own a rental property, or become an AirBnb expert, the free information on youtube can help you get started.

Let’s check out some of the best real estate youtube channels to propel your wealth building journey.

Bigger Pockets

If you are an amateur looking to get into real estate then you need to check out BiggerPockets. BiggerPockets is a real estate guide founded by Joshua Dorkin in 2004.

BiggerPockets states that they are the ”complete resource for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing.” Their channel covers nearly aspect of real estate investing and make it easy enough for anyone to understand.

They will show you how to find and finance properties, how to analyze deals, and how to build long term wealth using real estate.

They have over 900K Subscribers and thousands of great informational videos, so definitely tune in.

Graham Stephan

If you are not tuned into Graham Stephen, you should be. There is a reason he has almost 4 Million Subscribers on Youtube.

He is easily one of the top accounts in the real estate space.

Graham got involved in the real estate game early at only 18 years old and is now a millionaire. He has sold over $100,000,000 in residential real estate and now creates videos to express and share his successes and failures.

All of his videos are based on his own experiences of buying, renting, and flipping houses. What better way to learn than to take note from someone who spend years in the industry.

His videos are pretty entertaining but also very informational. His videos are full of great tips to anyone looking to get in the real estate business.

His videos also contain information on cryptocurrency, personal finance, and budgeting.

Graham will teach you how to create wealth, make passive income, and totally shift your mindset on money.

Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell has a great youtube channel for beginners in real estate investing. Max believes in educating yourself in order to create long term wealth.

Max considers himself a serial entrepreneur and believes that real estate wholesaling is the best way to get involved in the industry. You can get started in real estate and close on a deal with no money required using the wholesaling strategy.

Max has owned multiple businesses and been involved in multiple industries and now wants to share that information with you.

Max not only shows you how to wholesale but also shows you how to market yourself so you can completely change your life.

Max’s videos include property walkthroughs that demonstrate how to properly analyze a property and turn it into a wholesale deal.
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