rite of passage

Boys to Men - Rite of Passage

Boys must become men.

Masculinity is dying. Every day, males are told how their testosterone ways are unfit for modern society. That they are defective girls, and to react off of feelings more, emote more, and be more sensitive. But, when I ask the beautiful ladies of Austin, TX their thoughts on the pool of dateable men, the complaints are consistent:

  • Too soft
  • Emotionally weak
  • Not assertive enough
  • Scared
  • Passive
  • Emotional

These things not only drive women away from men, but drive them to talk shit about them behind their backs. These are the same things that differentiate a boy from a man. Overcoming discomfort to do what is necessary.

Lullaby of Security

Businesses would't make money if they paid everyone what they are worth

-Daxism #47

The modern system is set up to enslave you till old age while limiting your upwards mobility. We trade in the man we could become, for security in the forms of employment and wages. When you break it down to its base level, an employer could pull from your wage, and cover your rent, utility payments, car payments, etc., and nothing would change. Effectively, they are 'daddy.' Taking care of all the bills, and alleviating yourself from having to consistently eat what you kill.

Meanwhile, the system squeezes you from the top: car payments, student loans, housing payments, CC payments, and all the numerous taxes to drain your disposable income – income you could use to class jump. AND THEN squeezes you from the bottom via inflation - so the disposable income you have is worth less.

You almost have to respect the diabolical nature of it all. But the way out? To transcend the hang ups and discomforts that keep you from becoming the man you could be. To be paid what you are worth.


Our need to survive and provide are the most powerful motivators to overcome adversity. There are things in your employment that you do not have to do to earn a living. It's designed that way for a reason. Imagine the massive inefficiency a business would face if every employee had to cross the bridge to Terabithia, to put food on the table. It would be far easier on businesses, and employees, to make it as easy as possible for them to complete their work.

Maybe those discomforts are asking for a raise, being more antagonizing when delivering a pitch, or asking for a business referral. My two biggest hang ups were defining my worth (asking to be paid my value), and creating urgency around pain points (being a dick). When you have to confront the choices of: overcome my discomforts, homelessness, or starvation, your fears and hangups evaporate.

As you develop into the man you are capable of becoming, you become more adept at providing for yourself. This growth that allows you to enter self-employment, get paid your actual worth, and start using the ceiling-floor strangle hold to your favor.

On Another Earth

In an alternative reality, you are learning the total skill set needed for self employment. Branding, Marketing, and Selling, coupled with a service or skill needed in society. We will call that 'high school'. After graduating, you would have 2-years of working under a mentor/internship. Upon that completion the fun part would start.

Just like the Spartan agoge, they go off into the world to hunt and eat what they kill.

$20,000 loan to pursue self-employment/entreprenuersup. Placing them in the environment to apply what they have learned, face their deficiencies, and discover if they can become the man they are capable of being. Paying for coaches, courses, mentors, along with providing the hardware, software, and other tangibles they need to succeed. Let them build it, develop their competency, and eliminate the things that hold them back from becoming a man.

Should they fail, they could safely fall back into the comfort of employment.


I think it's safe to say that a majority of men will not emerge from the other side of this equation as victors. But, it will give more men the chance to become the man they were supposed to be than the current system does. As it is, a lot of men that just need a small push to be great, are falling through the cracks. And as I said above, should they fail and return back into the comfort of employment, the end result is still the same as our current system:

Being squeezed from the top and squeezed from the bottom. And enslavement throughout until old age, with limited upwards mobility.

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