Bryce Mitchell Spits Fire 🔥on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Bryce Mitchell Spits Fire 🔥on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Bryce Mitchell is making waves as of late. After a dominant win over Edson Barboza at UFC 272, Mitchell took the podium to get some stuff off his chest.

"Thug Nasty" railed against the current climate in America in his post fight interview. He also offered one of the most honest and logical takes on the current situation in Ukraine.

The outspoken Arkansas badass summarized what a lot Americans are too nervous to say. His statements led to a storm of criticism from establishment shills and NPC's.

The buzz created by his response landed him on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Thug Nasty didn't disappoint as he continued to smash the nail into the establishment narrative.

The Hero we Needed

For people not in the MMA sphere, this is their first-time hearing of Mitchell. His comments made him trend like never before. Drawing both praise from people who actually know what's going on and ridicule from the mouthpieces who want to focus on the twang in his voice.

People can try to bash this young man all they'd like but Mitchell is well spoken, articulate and made points that are pretty damn obvious. On top of that, he fights like a pit bull and has the potential to be one of the UFC's biggest stars. Although this is the first time he's gained nationwide recognition for it, he's weighed in on other topics that seemed to piss off the mainstream.

Early in the pandemic, Thug Nasty spoke out about how harmful government regulations such as business closures and masking children were to people in his great state of Arkansas.


This is a tame take from Thug Nasty. In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Mitchell made comments regarding the origins of the pandemic as well as theories surrounding the restriction of the second amendment. The way Thug Nasty shot from the hip led to Helwani placing a misinformation warning on the interview. You can watch his whole interview here.

Needless to say, Thug Nasty got his Kufi on TIGHT. And honestly, I"m here for it. When a good ole country boy like Mitchell speaks out it ruffles feathers. As a blue-collar roughneck myself I totally understand the feeling of being looked down upon by the political class.

We're the people that farm your food, build your homes and supply you with the resources needed to live lavishly. The fact that he's unmuzzled with his platform is a breath of fresh air and I totally support the man.

Thug Nasty not only drops bars during interviews, but he also drops heat in the booth. Mitchell released a full mixtape a few months back, putting on for his people in Arkansas. And honestly, he's out rapping 90% of these lames drooling on a beat.

Keep up the Good Fight Thug Nasty.

I'm rooting for Mitchell to keep kicking ass, cashing checks and pissing off the establishment class. In a world full of soft men with manufactured opinions, Thug Nasty is carrying the torch in the sports world. I expect a JRE episode in the near future. And do me a favor when you share this. Tag @ThugnastyMMA, I'm trying to get a rap feature from that bad son of a bitch.
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