Conspiracy Theory - The Virus Did NOT Come From the Lab

Conspiracy Theory - The Virus Did NOT Come From the Lab

The Basics

Ok. You are going to have to bear with me on this one and hear me out. I know it’s far-fetched and really hard to believe, but I’m going to do my best to convince you of the conspiracy that the virus was not made in a lab, and actually just sprouted organically from nature. Strap in. Here we go!

The story begins with a very famous doctor. We’ll call him Tony to protect his identity. Tony is the head of a governmental agency that oversees viruses and other potential pandemic causing agents. He’s been in the field for 30 years, and has become fully entrenched in the system of infectious diseases and associated treatments.

Tony, as the head of this government institution, is directly responsible for the giving of grants to scientists for research. He hands out millions of taxpayer dollars to different institutions to further ongoing experiments into these infectious diseases and their impact on human society.

Gain of Function Research

It just so happens that one of Tony’s favorite types of research is called Gain of Function research. Gain of Function takes already existing viruses and turns them into super viruses by adding in all kinds of new elements. It gets its name because the viruses are given new functions in this process.

For instance, Tony funded research at the University of North Carolina, where they have a Biosafety Level 3 lab. Here in the lab, scientists were working with coronaviruses that come from bats. There is a whole family and variety of coronaviruses that have been studied for many years. SARS and MERS are two of the most prominent.

Scientists at this lab were experimenting with SARS and Gain of Function Research. They added all kinds of elements into the existing viruses that made their new creation much more infectious in humans. The rats in the lab were the beneficiaries of this Frankenstein virus.

Now, a lot of scientists believe that this Gain of Function research is incredibly dangerous. Why take viruses that occur in nature and supercharge them to make them exponentially more deadly to humans? This is a disaster waiting to happen. So these scientists vocalized their displeasure with the Gain of Function research going on at the University. The disapproval got so loud that the president, we will call him Barack, ceased all programs that were doing Gain of Function experiments.

Let's Go to China

But Tony, not one to give up so easily, found another way to continue his work. They simply moved their research to Wuhan, China, where there is a Level 4 Biosafety lab. This lab however, has had many leaks in the past, and is known to not have the strictest safety protocols. As it turns out, several of the scientists who work at the lab came down with severe covid-like symptoms and had to be hospitalized.

This happened several months before the full-on “pandemic” occurred.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This looks a little shady. The pandemic originates in the same city where this gain of function research with coronaviruses has been going on? The Chinese then cover it up by disappearing and arresting scientists, doctors, and journalists who are talking about it?

I know. This doesn’t look good. But I’m here to assure you, the World Health Organization, directly funded by one of Tony’s good friends, we’ll call him Bill, has looked into the matter. After a thorough investigation, they say it’s "not likely" the virus came from the lab, even though they still have produced no evidence of its natural origins. I guess we’ll just have to take them at their word on this one.

The Wet Market Theory

When the pandemic first hit, the origin story was that the virus came from a Chinese wet market in Wuhan, where they sell bats to be eaten by hungry patrons. The only problem is this theory doesn’t check out, and is no longer the working hypothesis. This theory was even put forward by the same people who were conducting the research at the Chinese lab! But honestly, does that even matter? I’m going to need you to just keep on believing the wet market theory we repeated so much and often that it’s just going to have to remain the “truth”.

So, here we are. Over one year since the lockdowns began. Society has changed completely. Three million or so deaths have been credited to Covid-19. We now have semi-mandatory vaccinations all over the world. Supply chains have broken down. Millions have gone without work, have not been able to visit their grandparents or parents, and whose kids have not been in school.


You would think that getting to the bottom of all of this would be of supreme importance. That way we could possibly keep this from happening again. The origin of the virus is THE key to understanding what happened, and how to protect against future outbreaks.

But no, don’t worry about any of that. The virus originated naturally, despite all of the above mentioned “coincidences”. Coronaviruses live in bats. Chinese people love to eat bats. They serve bats at the wet market in Wuhan. Nature is very unpredictable and mysterious. Case Closed. Now take your vaccine and shut up.

Did I convince you of my conspiracy theory? I hope not! Follow the Science (or something like that...)

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Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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